Sunday, February 26, 2017

PES SMoKE Update 9.3.2 - Released !

A new update has been released for PES 17 for full version 9.3 in addition to 9.3.1 for fixing bugs with teams and players along with some minor fixes. Install this update over the latest full version 9.3 and note that it will work only in 9.3, not earlier versions.

NOTE: Update 9.3.2  is made for smoke patch 9.3, this update includes the previous update 9.3.1 so if you upgrading from 9.3 , there is no need to have 9.3.1.
In addition to the changes that came with the previous update, below are some of the changes in this new update:

Changes in this update:

- fixed bug players (edit file/database)
some players had a bug that will deform a player if edited, there was a small error in the database and now all are corrected, also there were some reports about some deformed player faces specially in the brazil league, faces are now corrected.

- fixed sarajevo and nepal (edit file)
this teams couldn't be used in exhibition due to a bug with the manager, both are corrected and can be used normally now.

- fixed transfers and squads (edit file)
all reported missing transfers are done, there might be some missing in minor teams but we keep reviewing the teams for new transfers, some new players couldn't be added due to lack of reference.
vasco da gama squad were those of another relegated team, now its done and the squad is correct.

- fixed save bug tachera/penarol (database)
fixed a database error that prevented the save file to be saved if one of these two teams is edited, there might be similar issues and will be corrected if found.

- fixed youth team system (edit file/database)
the youth team players were not correct, the players ID were used for other team and that made the players appear as old players in the youth team.
youth players are real players now and the old players moved to another ID to solve this issue.
you might find some youth players that changed names and attributes in ML. 

- added faces (database)
added more real faces to the patch (112 new face), 31 faces were added in 9.3.1 and 80 new faces in this update.

- added cpy exe 1.04 (executable)
for cpy users only, the latest exe 1.04 is added now, cpy users do not have to extract the 1.03 from game folder anymore, the new exe will be installed with the installer, be sure the antivirus does not delete or block the installation of the new files.

- Added real faces for referees (database)
added 25 real faces for the referees in the patch, the same faces that were used in the patch 2016 adapted to 2017.

- updated kits (database)
reviewed and updated more kits following fans reports.
thanks to Marcos W. for his effort specially with Latin America kits

- fixed ad-boards of Inter, Milan and Napoli (database)
various bugs found in some games in the serie A teams that crash or shows strange effects in the games, the problem was with a new ad-boards system and is now its rolled back the the previous ad-board system to fix this issue.

- various fixes and enhancements
a lot of other fixes and enhancements was done, we try to listen to the requests and reports and follow if possible.

DOWNLOAD: (285mb)



Monday, February 20, 2017

SMoKE Boot Pack V2- Released!

Hey guys,

This is updated boot pack for smoke patch (or others), now the boots that were included in the latest DLC3 are integrated in boot pack, 10 new boots are now in the game ,along with a selection of other designs and brands that was used in the last pack that came with versions 9.2 and 9.3.

Boots updated are:

Puma - evoSpeed 17 SL
Puma - evoPower Vigor 1
Puma - evoTouch Pro
Adidas - Blue Blast X 16+ PURECHAOS
Adidas - Blue Blast ACE 17+ PURECONTROL
Adidas - Blue Blast MESSI 16+ PUREAGILITY
Nike - Magista Obra
Nike - Mercurial Superfly
Nike - Tiempo Legend VI
Nike - Hypervenom Phantom

Installation for smoke patch:
- extract (010_smkdb_bo.cpk) from the rar archive (smoke boot pack v2.rar)
- copy and replace the file (010_smkdb_bo.cpk) to the game download folder
just replace the old file with new, nothing else required.

Installation for other patch:

if you want to use this with a patch or with other patch, ask makers if there is specific method they use for adding CPK files.

this boot pack is fully compatible with all smoke patch versions
since we use the same ID for boots as other makers, this boot pack should be compatible with all patches, but we only test our work with smoke patch only.



- the total number of boots is 100.
- always install as instructed, other methods might give you errors.
- the models and textures are DLC genuine files.

Friday, February 17, 2017

PES SMoKE Update 9.3.1- Released !!

A new update has been released for PES 17 for full version 9.3 for fixing bugs and addition of some faces along with some minor fixes.

Install this update over the latest full version 9.3 and note that it will work only in 9.3, not earlier versions.Check below for details and download links!

PES SMoKE Update 9.3.1:

NOTE: Update 9.3.1 (70mb) is made for smoke patch 9.3, it will not work on previous versions.

Changes in this update:

- fixed bug with some of the newly added teams
a bug was reported with some of the new teams, when selecting it to play in exhibition or other modes, the problem was solved and now all teams working fine, the teams affected are (Gabon, Congo DR, Indonesia, KRC Genk, universitario de deportes)

- fixed napoli ad-boards bug
when selecting to play with napoli at sao paulo sometimes the game hangs, the problem was a the new napoli ad-boards, we tried to animate them but most PC will not accept it, the problem is fixed and the ad-boards are working fine but without animation.

- added/updated some kits
some kits where reported to be missing like Sarajevo FK kits, the kits are made but not in the cpk so in the game it shows default kits, the kits are added now.
some teams kits are updated following suggestions and requests from the fans.

- fixed crash with African cup of nations
the cup will not load and crash, this was an attempt to switch the structure to groups rather than knockout, sadly it didnt work and now we reverted to konami structure as knockout system.

- fixed j-league squads
almost all j-league players needed to be reset, they are done now and all have correct attributes, also some players where not in their respective teams now they are transferred.

- added j-league stadium names
japan league teams now have correct stadium names.

- fixed black turf with san siro
playing with settings (rainy-summer-night) will show black turf, it is fixed now.

- fixed players not showing dlc faces
players that has been added by live updates does not show real faces that konami added in the latest DLC, these players (the one we know about) are fixed and shows real faces correctly.

- fixed EPL trophy in games
the EPL cup show in every game, this was the first attempt to add trophies to the patch, it didnt work out well, the cup is removed and we will continue trying to make real trophies for later version.

- fixed reported missing transfers
all reported transfers we missed are now transferred, let us know if there are more.

- fixed teams radar color
most teams wont show 3rd and 4th radar color correctly, it is fixed now and all the teams have correct radar color, we will update if we find more.

- added 31 new face
majority of added faces where following fans requests, other face couldn't be added.

- a lot of other minor fixes 
most suggestion by fans where done, ofcourse not everything could be done, somethings will take more time, minor fixes are like some players having something wrong, or updating some flags or managers...




Sunday, February 12, 2017

PES SMoKE Patch v9.3 - Released!!

Hello guys,
The new patch v9.3 is now ready and available for download!

Note that this is a full version (all in one) so no need for any other versions, it is highly recommended to remove all previous versions and delete the old download folder of the game before installing the new patch.

Check below for features and download links!

To keep up with the polls and news, please refer the main website.


- includes konami latest konami DLC3
- includes patch deactivate switcher for steam
- live updates mode compatible (press right analog to switch)

- ready for new season 16/17
- correct leagues names
- correct leagues emblems
- correct leagues balls
- Germany Bundesliga replaces PEU league
- Japan J. League replaces PAS league
- American MLS replaces PLA league

- correct clubs logo
- correct kits
- correct and updated squads
- correct manager with photo
- correct home stadium
- correct radar/fans colors
- added a lot of team listed below! (playable in FL modes)

- a lot of new faces (+2300)
- removed duplicated and fake players
- new 100 goalkeeper gloves

- correct names for all stadiums
- new stadiums (40 total)
- HD skies for all stadiums
- HD stadium turfs
- special adboards
- special banners
- default turf available in addons

- new boots
- new balls
- new referee kits

KRC GENK - Belgium
FK SARAJEVO - Bosnia and Herzegovina
QARABAĞ FK - Azerbaijan

Latin america:
CA PEÑAROL - Uruguay


National teams:


All previously installed patch and other stuffs are meant to be completely deleted. You can make sure of that by reinstalling PES. All previous changes and their details are present in the respective posts.These are the new additions to the patch making the patch more complete and packed with features! Be sure to start new ML or BAL files to take benefits from the addition of teams and roster updates! Do not generate DpfileList.bin because of the bugs it may lead to or improper functioning of the patch and the game itself!
Online users need to update PES for the online gameplays from steam itself!


1. Be sure the game is installed and working
The first thing to do is installing the game, and start it to be sure that it is working properly.

2. Extract patch files 
Download all parts and be sure all completed, extract only part one the rest will be extracted automatically, don't move any of the installation files or folders.

3. Run Setup 93.exe
Run the installer and choose PES installation folder, the patch must be installed in the same game folder, be sure you don't get errors and the installer finished successfully.

4. Download and install latest smoke update if available
Always check for the newest update for the patch, latest update contains all previous updates so there is no need to install old versions for the patch.


Installer (FULL 9.3.0):
* all mirrors contain the same file parts (you can download parts from different mirrors)
* patch uncompressed on disk size (after install): 7.5 GB
* patch compressed size: 5.5 GB


Part 01
Part 02
Part 03
Part 04
Part 05
Part 06
Part 07
Part 08
Part 09
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14

Mega: Uploading...

Part 01
Part 02
Part 03
Part 04
- Part 05
- Part 06
- Part 07
- Part 08
- Part 09
- Part 10
- Part 11
- Part 12
- Part 13
- Part 14

Friday, February 10, 2017

Smoke Patch 9.3, Final Changes

Hello everyone,

The new patch is now under testing, it will take until the 12th evening for the release to be packed, uploaded and ready for download.

Note that this is a full version (all in one) so no need for any other versions, it is highly recommended to remove all previous versions and delete the old download folder of the game before installing the new patch.

To keep up with the latest news and progress, please refer the main website.

Below are some of the changes in the new patch:

9.3 Change Log

add DLC3
add exe 1.03 for cpy
add new clubs
add new national teams
add new real faces
add King Power Stadium
add switcher to deactivate patch
(for online play steam only)
add 4 more extra empty cpk slots
live update applied 7.feb
update j-league new season
update brasiliaro new season
update winter transfers
update kits
update managers
update league logos
update teams logos
fix stadium names in ML
fix team colors
fix youth players
new ballpack
new HD turfs
various fixes

details of all changes in previous versions are listed in the general change log in information tab.


- delete old patch and old edit file is highly recommended (to avoid any possible errors)

- staring new ML and BAL is recommended (to use new teams, new players and others)

- for STEAM users, the switcher included deactivates the patch to use konami default DLC files, so the game must be updated from steam for the online to work. (working on new switcher to add more patch features to online mode)
- please report any bugs so we can fix in later updates.
- do not use old edit00000 files
- do not generate dpfilelist

Visit the Main website by clicking here.

Friday, January 27, 2017

PES SMoKE Patch v9.3 -Coming Soon!

Hey Folks,
Recent developments in SMoKE Patch have been done to make PES 2017 even more fun to play with. As we have already got two full versions made by dido_smoke and another version is on its' way with plenty of improvements. Your opinion has been crucial for this version and with the polls in mind, a new full version is being developed by dido_smoke! Check the details by him below!

Patch version 9.2 will have no more updates, a new version 9.3 will replace the old version, the patch main changes will be new system files to ensure stability, also to remove any hidden bugs that might have happened in the game, the 9.3 is activated to add more clubs and national teams, the added clubs will be announced when finished, more teams can be added in future updates.

The stadiums have undergone a huge overhaul, adding special choreography for some big teams, assigned more special ad-boards, and the HD turfs had new texture for high quality with better fps than in the previous version, the stadiums file size will be considerably smaller as a result to using shared files for similar textures instead of separated copies.

Faces is being added in every update, the 9.3 is no difference as it contains a lot of real faces, some newly added teams have a generic faces, due to the huge number of new players in new teams it is not easy to find such faces made by face makers, but as soon as they are available they will be included (credits to face makers).

A lot of team kits will have updates, thanks to the fans for reporting kits, and special thanks for anyone who created files and send us the files (will include in credits), some kits might not be exact specially for newly added teams due to lack of reference, of course if someone have a good reference so we can update they are welcomed to share.

New ball pack will be included too, it contains almost the same balls as in the previous version but with new system file to insure steam online compatibility, two of the balls have been replaced with new smoke fantasy balls.

There are various updates and bug fixing needed in the last version, like having some old players appearing in the youth system in the first year, these players have been replaced with real youth players, some competitions and teams flags and emblems have been revised and updated.

It is expected to be released by 12th of February*, the new patch will include the new stadiums and turfs pack, new ball pack, optional new exe 1.03, big kits update and a lot of various updates.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

SMoKE Update 9.2.2 - Released !!

Hi everyone, a new update for the Smoke Patch 9.2 has been released!
This patch hopefully fixes the crashing problem with Master League and Become a Legend game modes.
Some national team players' name have been fixed, 20 teams are added to south america, new faces, complete MLS squad and so on.

Check the Final Change log below for details.

SMoKE update 9.2.2
install full 9.2 before update
includes 9.2.1

- included fix for CPY ML and BL crash
(if your save is crashed start ML without modifying the patch)
- corrected bugged players
- corrected fake names in nationals
- corrected CL teams
- corrected french league balls
- added +425 more real faces
- updated more kits
- corrected squads for 
Brasileiro teams
- replaced more than 1000 fake players
- completed asian teams squads
- completed MLS teams squads
- added 20 teams to south america
- corrected default turf lines
(get the new switcher v.922)

- corrected missing Adboards
- stadiums enhancements
- Al Ahli sc replaces pleasure horn (hidden)
- a lot of updates and fixes






part 01
part 02
part 03
part 04


part 01
part 02
part 03
part 04

Monday, December 26, 2016

SMoKE update 9.2.2 (coming soon)

Hi everyone, a new update for the Smoke Patch 9.2 called 'update 9.2.2' is on the way

This patch hopefully fixes the crashing problem with Master League and Become a Legend game modes.

Some national team players' name have been fixed, 20 teams are added to south america, new faces, complete MLS squad and so on.

Check the Update log below for details.

Change Log:


- included fix for CPY ML and BL crash
(if your save is crashed start ML without modifying the patch)
- fixed bugged players
- fixed fake names in nationals
- correct CL teams
- fixed french league balls
- added more real faces
- added 20 teams to south america
(complete squads and kits)
- updated some kits
- correct squads for Brasileiro teams
- replaced more than 500 fake players
- completed new asian teams squads
- completed MLS teams squads


Testing ML



1. This is an update for the FULL patch 9.2, hence you MUST INSTALL 9.2 before installing this update. 

2. Smoke Update 9.2.1 has been included in this so you won't need to install that.
3. Please comment your feedback, bug reports and suggestions below, even if we don't reply, we are reading all your comments.


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