Sunday, March 26, 2017

Announcements: Smoke Stadium Pack v2

A new stadium pack is being developed for smoke patch, will be released soon after the release of the update 9.3.3 by the end of this month (march), this stadium pack is fully compatible with version 9.3.3 and up, installing it on older versions will cause some errors like not showing all stadiums.

When installing the new update 9.3.3 there might be some wrong stadium assignments because its been done to fit with the new pack.

all notes and reports concerning some bugs with the stadiums will be addressed in this pack,

- Turfs:

this pack have a reworked HD turfs for the best gaming experience, we are trying to make it work with low quality settings but so far it works with medium and high quality, if the low settings doesn't work with the new turf then there will be a default turf switcher that will be released soon after the release of the pack.

- Ad-boards:
ad-boards is being reviewed in this pack, we are adding more special ad-boards for the teams, and will continue to make more in future stadium packs.
some ad-boards have a problem that the ball and players pass right through it, this is addressed and will be fixed in this pack.

- Sky
all stadiums have HD sky texture similar to the ones already used in the previous stadiums

- Stadiums
this pack we believe have to biggest stadiums number (40 SEPARATE stadium models), including 4 new latin america stadiums.

The final Stadiums included in this pack:

1. San Siro/Giuseppe meazza - Italy
2. Camp Nou - Spain
3. Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan - Spain
4. Camp de Mestalla - Spain
5. Wembley Stadium - England
6. Stadio Olimpico - Italy
7. Old Trafford - England
8. Estádio da Luz - Portugal
9. Stamford Bridge - England
10. Parc des Princes - France
11. Allianz Arena - Germany
12. Stade de France - France
13. Signal Iduna Park - Germany
14. Estádio do Morumbi - Brazil *NEW
15. Stadium National - Fictional
16. Volkswagen Arena - Germany
17. Etihad Stadium - England
18. Estadio Santiago Bernabéu - Spain
19. Weserstadion - Germany
20. Stadio San Paolo - Italy
21. Juventus Stadium - Italy
22. White Hart Lane - England
23. Estádio do Maracanã - Brazil *NEW
24. El Monumental - Argentina *NEW
25. Estádio Alberto J. Armando - Argentina *NEW
26. KONAMI Stadium - Fictional
27. Britannia Stadium - England
28. Türk Telekom Arena - Turkey
29. Anfield - England
30. Estadio Vicente Calderón - Spain
31. Olympiastadion Berlin - Germany
32. National Stadium Warsaw - Poland
33. Amsterdam ArenA - Netherlands *NEW
34. King Power Stadium - England
35. Emirates Stadium - England
36. Stade Vélodrome - France
37. Estádio do Dragão - Portugal
38. St. Jakob Park - Switzerland
39. Ülker Stadyumu - Turkey
40. Estádio José Alvalade - Portugal

more news here soon...

NOTE: master league season crash

NOTE: master league season crash

We still get messages about a crash in master league when going to next season, this is not smoke patch issue, we have tested the patch for seven consecutive seasons without crashing once, so it is safe to say that it is not a patch issue, as we do not get any crash when testing.

Possible reasons for this issue: 

1- corrupted game 
there are a lot of copies out there and we know that some of them are corrupted, we test the patch with steam version and with cpy-skidrow-reloaded version, no crash was found in any of our tests. so be sure your game is not corrupted.

2- using ML/BL money tools or cheats
all users who uses such tools reported the same crash, it might not be a direct cause but we cannot be sure because we dont use them and we do not recommend such tools, play the game as it is supposed to be played.

3- unofficial patch files
the ONLY official patch links are the links in the official smoke patch website (, any other links are not ours and we cannot help you with anything.

4- modifying the patch files
changing any of the patch cpk files or change the dpfilelist is at your own risk, we test the patch with its files, changing the patch might have undesired consequences. it is possible to make changes inside the game editor, but DO NOT replace the edit file with another one even if its from previous versions.

note that if the ML or BL crash it cannot be fixed even if you fixed the cause of the crash.

other reports about occasional crashes (like some cup games) is related to another issues that will be fixed in future updates.

More information in frequently asked questions. FAQ

Liga MX addon for smoke patch 9.3.2

This is an add-on to smoke patch 2017, that will make the Mexican league available in the patch, replacing MLS (PLA) league.

MX add-on works best with smoke patch version 9.3.2, although it might work with older versions, it could make errors because this add-on includes its own EDIT file that is based on and fully compatible with version 9.3.2. a new updated MX league will be made for the next update.

Teams in the Liga MX:
Tigres UANL
CF Monterrey
Deportivo Guadalajara
CF Pachuca
Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz
CF América
Club León FC
CD Cruz Azul
Deportivo Toluca
Santos Laguna
Querétaro FC
Club Tijuana
Monarcas Morelia
Chiapas FC
UNAM Pumas
Atlas Guadalajara
Club Necaxa
Puebla FC

- download and extract (MX addon.rar)
- copy and replace the file (SMK_Extra8.cpk) to the game download folder
- copy and replace the file (EDIT00000000) to the save folder of the game.
* it is possible to use another extra cpk slot.


this add-on is tested and fully compatible smoke patch version 9.3.2
this add-on is not compatible with future updates, but will have a new compatible version later on.

NOTES and Known Issues:

MLS addboards and ball will show in MX games, will have unique ones next version.
radar colors are not fully correct, will be fully edited next version.
only one league add-on can be installed, adding 2 league add-ons at the same time will make bugs.


click, wait 5 seconds then skip.

Paul_Stone341 for making almost all the file necessary for this add-on
kits (kiki rocha, @Jared_Zavala, BunburyCraft, @KillaCarrillo)


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

PES SMoKE Patch 9.3.3 - Coming Soon !

Hey guys,

New details about the upcoming update for SMoKE Patch 2017 has been provided by dido_smoke bringing many fixes and new stuffs.

A new update 9.3.3 is under the way, along with other add-ons and new packs for the patch 9.3, this update as usual will include previous updates 9.3.2 and 9.3.1, meaning you can install this update over any of the versions starting with 9.3.

* Fix trophy system (database) IN PROGRESS
adding trophies to the patch has made some errors in the game, such as the EPL trophy appearing in almost all games entrance, also it cause some random crashes in FL modes when playing in cups.
this is being fixed, worst case scenario will be going back to default trophies, but hopefully will be able to create and integrate the trophies without any errors.

* Add new teams (edit file - database) IN PROGRESS
this update we will continue adding more teams, the teams that will be included in the game are:

- National Teams (+12):
Guinea-Bissau - Africa
Togo - Africa
Uganda - Africa
Philippines - Asia
Vietnam - Asia
Pakistan - Asia
Palestine - Asia
India - Asia
Cyprus - Europe
Kazakhstan - Europe
Estonia - Europe
Canada - Americas

- Clubs (+2)
Persepolis Fc - Iran
Rangers Fc - Scotland

* Review free agents and fake players (edit file - database) DONE
all fake players as free agents are being replaced with real players mostly used in the new national teams, we might have missed some minor fake players that will be replaced when discovered.

* Fix Krasnodar bug (edit file - database) DONE
there is a bug with this team that most users did not notice, the bug was that if you transfer any player from or to this team, or edit this team the save file will bug and will not be able to save the changes, thus revert to the previous edits.
this is a database conflict problem that will be fixed in the update

* add and fix faces (edit file - database) IN PROGRESS
as in all previous updates, this one will have more real faces, and will correct some bugged faces following the fans reports we gathered over this website and the social media.

* update kits (database) IN PROGRESS
some reported some kits that needs reviewing, these new kits is being created or modified for the best gaming experience.

* add more players (edit file - database) IN PROGRESS
a lot of new players is added to the patch, most of them are the players in the new national teams and also some players that transferred from unknown or minor teams.

* add more extra empty cpk files (database) DONE
after requests, the extra cpk file will be 12, although we recommend merging the cpk you add as shown in the tutorials, we will add 4 more extra to the 8 already added in previous versions.

* add high quality real sleeve badges for all league IN PROGRESS
a high quality sleeve badges is being made by G-style, the work he is making is just amazing, will integrate this badges in this update

* transfers review IN PROGRESS
the transfer window for south america teams will close at the end of march, we are updating the transfers as they go, however a full review for south american teams will be done after the transfers closes for all leagues,

* national teams call-ups IN PROGRESS
as usual, smoke patch updates the national call-ups only when there is a big competition, the latest AFCON league had some teams review, however some reports pointed that some are still in need of updates, we will review and update African national teams for this update.

* permanently include Chinese league instead of japan league PENDING
there is a poll for this issue, the CSL add-on might be included by default in the patch instead of the J. league pending final decision after the poll is closed.
however the j. league might also be in the patch as an optional add-on.


: all comments or reports concerning the stadiums is listed, will not be included in this update because we are working on a new stadium pack that will consider all reports when being created, the new stadium pack will be released a little after the new update
BALLS: a new ball pack V3 will be released soon, updating 10 balls
CSL add-on: a new updated Chinese league add-on will be done based on this new update. using the current CSL add-on will not work properly with the new update.
ADD-ONS: all add-ons except league add-on is fully compatible with this update.

Release date:
The release of this update is not set yet, depending on the amount of work to be done, it is expected to be ready in a couple of weeks, a release date will be set once its clear.

Friday, March 3, 2017

PES SMoKE Patch 2017 Add-on - PS3/XBOX Icons

Now you can select your preferred icons in the game by using this switch.

- download and extract (SMoKE 2017 Controller Buttons)
- run the switcher, choose controller and continue

This switcher is fully compatible with all smoke patch 2017 versions




PES SMoKE Patch 2017 Add-on - CSL Super League!

CSL add-on works best with smoke patch version 9.3.2, although it might work with older versions, it could make errors because this add-on includes its own EDIT file that is based on and fully compatible with version 9.3.2.

Teams in the CSL:
Beijing Guoan
Jiangsu Suning (in game)
Guangzhou Evergrande (in game)
Changchun Yatai
Yanbian Funde
Guangzhou R&F
Guizhou Zhicheng
Liaoning Whowin
Tianjin Quanjian
Shanghai Shenhua
Hebei CFFC
Chongqing Dangdai
Tianjin Teda
Henan Jianye
Shanghai SIPG (in game)
Shandong Luneng (in game)

- download and extract (CSL addon.rar)
- copy and replace the file (SMK_Extra8.cpk) to the game download folder
- copy and replace the file (EDIT00000000) to the save folder of the game.

* it is possible to use another extra cpk slot.


This add-on is tested and fully compatible smoke patch version 9.3.2





Stooges73 for making almost all the file necessary for this add-on
K'lerry and Tibinator for CLS kits

PES SMoKE Patch 2017 Add-on - G-Logos!

All logos are designed in ultra hd version 1024x1024

Installation for smoke patch:

- download and extract (G-Logos_v1.7_final.rar)
- rename the file (G-Logos.cpk) to (SMK_Extra1.cpk)
- copy and replace (SMK_Extra1.cpk) in game download folder
* it is possible to use another extra cpk slot.

the CPK file is fully compatible with all smoke patch 2017 versions.


Single league links:
the author made the PNG files available for separate downloads, smoke league and teams are included in the upper CPK link.

AFC Champions League
All Stars
Brasileirao serie A
Brasileirao serie B
Campeonato nacional
ISL Liga 1
ISL Liga 2
La Liga Santander
La Liga 1|2|3
Liga NOS
Ligue 1
Ligue 2
Others europe
Others latin
Other logos for menu
Premier league
Primera Diivision Argentina
Serie A
Serie B
Sportoto Superlig
V-League 1
Malaysia league *NEW

Credits (from author):

check G-Style facebook page

SMoKE Ball Pack V2 - Released!

Installation for smoke patch:
- extract (009_smkdb_ba.cpk) from the rar archive (smoke ball pack v2.rar)
- copy and replace the file (009_smkdb_ba.cpk) to the game download folder
just replace the old file with new, nothing else required.

Installation for other patch:

if you want to use this with a patch or with other patch, ask makers if there is specific method they use for adding CPK files.

This ball pack is fully compatible with all smoke patch versions

since we use the same ID for balls as konami, this ball pack should be compatible with all patches, but we only test our work with smoke patch only.





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