Friday, October 11, 2013

BETA testers, comment your report below!

Hey BETA testers out there, I am very very sorry for the delay and by now all the people who sent emails must have received the mail containing links!

Install it, make a feedback about everything and just make a single comment as much as possible, it will be a lot easier, Give us some improvement suggestions and bug reports!

Transfers, Faces etc are to be fixed by konami with the next update, so we haven't included 100% transfers and no faces fixed, but it will be done in GOLD 6.0.

Thanks for helping!

Public download links will be available very soon!
We are creating as much mirrors as possible.


  1. please replace the fake premier league kits add more balls and stadiums the rest is good.

  2. I think that patch is great improvement in gameplay,pass is better,jump play is better as judging.But already 2 times i had performance issues approximately at 80min of the game so much that i had to leave game with alt+f4 maybe because my processor cant stand graphic boost from program sweetfx

  3. send me the download link n i'll give you back a comprehensive feedback

  4. Hello Smoke ... Game hungs up after 20-30 minutes of play and nothing works on the screen in new patch 0.2.please fix it.Otherwise everything is great.



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