Monday, December 16, 2013

More Screenshots and news [Smoke Patch GOLD 6.0]

Too late?
Sorry for all the inconveniences, But the reloaded game is still not available, and listening to the fans, we will be using 3DM no DVD img for now. (in 6.0)

UPDATE: Reloaded game for 1.04 has been released, so , we will be using that but in 6.0.1 which will come after one week after the release of 6.0

And after the Reloaded game is released, we will make an update 6.0.1 with the reloaded ga,e.

*But this 3DM img may cause a lot of crashing of the game, and hasn't got any new changes in .exe"

I am here with some more screenshots of 6.0 for World Cup kits, and news that we will finish the making of setup file today and run a few ALPHA tests for 2/3 days, and if everything is fine, BETA testers will get links, and within a WEEK, it will be released publicly.



  1. awesome kits and. i donno why reloaded didn't released the crack but i'm really worried about this game crash. but overall well done guys. :))

  2. just to make it clear...

    There is no 3DM CRACKED EXE for PES 2014. There are 1 reloaded crack for exe 1.0 and another for exe 1.1. And another 1.0 exe by PawelD which I haven't tried. Both reloaded cracks can fire up any version of the game but neither is compatible with DLC 2.0. I haven't seen any crashes with reloaded 1.1 crack + update 1.04 + DLC 2.0 but the crack makes update changes obselete as well as most of the content of DLC 2.0.

    Again: There is no 3DM CRACKED EXE for PES 2014.

    There is only 3DM Fixed Image which replicates original PES 2014 DVD: which must be mounted with and image program(daemon), when used it'll fire up any version of PES 2014 with any version of DLC installed. And THERE IS NO WAY IT CAN CRASH THE GAME, since it doesn't change any files on your computer.

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  4. So whole crack thing is over, will you please add Besiktas FC to the game also? :) 20 million fans of the team out there and 1% of that amount is definitely playing the game! :P

  5. does this patch include Pakistan national team

  6. please try to add i-league after this patch :)



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