Sunday, December 22, 2013

Reloaded game 1.04 and DLC 2.00

Since we didn't have reloaded game 1.04 a week ago, we made the setup for SMoKE Patch 6.0 with the 3DM Img file and said that we would publish an update 6.0.1 with the Reloaded Game when it will be released.
Now, it has been released,but still we will be unable to have it on 6.0 itself.
But, the update 6.0.1 will be ready for download in a week after the public release of 6.0.

The update 6.0.1 will have the reloaded game, but the users who play online have to wait until 6.0.1 is released to play the game online. 

Patch 6.0 is ready but has failed some of the alpha tests, and we are sorting out the problems of installation. It will be released to all the BETA testers on 25th December, and once a few successful tests, it will be released most probably this Saturday.

Also, DLC 3.00 has been officially released, its very small (3MB) containing some face fixes and world cup kits, which will be added to 6.0.1.

And when reloaded game of 1.06 will be released, and if some more updated versions of DLC is  released by konami, we will include that in 6.0.2

For the January transfer, details will be published on this blog, stay tuned.


  1. How about you just come out and say that it wont be released anytime soon so we all can just stop coming here? This is not right.

  2. dnt loose it frnd.they are really working very hard.give them some morale's not an easy job as it seems to be.

    1. I won't give up. Lets go team SMOKE!



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