Monday, March 31, 2014


           PES SMoKE Patch  GOLD v 6.1 FULL                                                     By SMoKE Team

Special Thanks to  dido_smoke (fadi alkam) and Lan Akhlaken
Thanks to BETA Testers
SMoKE Team: Mohamed Elshafey,EL Anezs,Larry Stephen Facoly,Firas Zinou,Iepure,Parash Devkota and Ayush Devkota

Install this version of SMoKE Patch in a clean copy of pes 2014
NO need for other updates!(CPK Based Patch)

NOTE: This full version of SMoKE patch GOLD will not feature the following :-
1. FileLoader
2. Reloaded v1.07
3. SMoKE Selector

Install DP2 if you dont have, but, dont install 2d league from this datapack version, download the new 2d league installer for v6.1 !!


1.Unable to load data:
           Please install data pack 2 first,then patch v6.1 and then install 2d leagues from new 2d league installer

2. Datapack problems:      As the data pack installer is huge,it takes time to load, so , please install data pack 2 first and then only patch v6.1

NEW Features:

- Corrected the bug of DUMMY Players
- Corrected the major bug of default faces while changing accessories
- Fixed kits and added a wide range of national kits
- World Cup adjustments made(adboards,lineups,squads etc)
- Added Chants for some teams(fcbarcelona,juventus and real madrid)
- Revised stats and Starting XI for many teams
- Updated cam carpets for every leagues and CUPS(world cup)
- Added UCL 2014 digital adboards (knockout stages)
- Added Configurations of fans by Firas Zinou

NEW Teams:(Including Liga Adelente and European Teams!)

- AD Alcorcón, Córdoba CF, 
  RC Deportivo La Coruña, SD Eibar, Girona FC, Hércules CF,
  UD Las Palmas, CD Lugo, RCD Mallorca, 
  CD Mirandés, Real Murcia, CD Numancia, Recreativo Huelva, 
  CE Sabadell FC, Real Sporting Gijón, CD Tenerife, and 
  Real Zaragoza

 -Added 9 European teams
  Red Bull Salzburg, Club Brugge, Standard de Liège,
  Ludogorets Razgrad, Lokomotiv Moscow, Besiktas JK, 
  Trabzonspor, Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, and Metalist Kharkiv

 Signal Iduna Park (Borussia Dortmund) and Arena Nationala
 Anfield, Arena Nationala, Camp Nou, La Rosaleda,
 Mestalla, Rose Park Stadium (generic), Santiago Bernabeu,
 Stadion (generic), Stamford Bridge,
 Vicente Calderón

- 250+ NEW Faces
[Benzema,Nacho Fernandez,Jese Rodriguez,Daniel Carvajal
Asier Illarramendi,Sergio Ramos,Alvaro Morata,Torres, Rooney, Moses, Pique, Di Maria, C.Ronaldo,Leo Messi,Xavi,Pinto, Robinho, 
Iniesta,Pogba,Alexis Sanchez,Villa,Mata,Cabaye,Fabregas,M.Salah,Diego Costa,Higuan, etc.]

National teams:
Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, 
Italy, Montenegro, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales
Africa: Guinea, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tunisia, Zambia
Americas: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Honduras, Jamaica, Panama, United States, Venezuela
Asia/Oceania: Australia, China, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, New Zealand, North Korea, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, UAE, Uzbekistan
Clubs: Atlético Madrid, FC Copenhagen, Stuttgart, Paderborn, Kaiserslautern, Nottingham


- Made some few corrections in gameplay
- Revised team-play and tactics for a new expierience 
- Realistic buzz and crowds in a few stadiums

Datapack and Official Update

This patch includes Datapack 3 and Reloaded-version 1.07(crack)


Other Tweaks

2nd divisions:

+2. Bundesliga
+Skybet Championship


SMoKE 2d Installer:

Patch Part 1:

Patch Part 2 :

Patch Part 3:

Patch Part 4:

Patch Part 5:

Patch Part 6:

Patch Part 7:

Patch Part 8:

Torrent: (soon)

Install DP2 if you dont have, but, dont install 2d league from this datapack version, download the new 2d league installer for v6.1 !!

Datapack 2:

Softwares used to make SMoKE  patch

- Adobe Photoshop
- HxD Hex Editor
- Blender
- PRO-EVO Editing Studio
- Face tool by sxsxsx
- Cpk manager by sxsxsx
- File Explorer by Jenkey1002
- Face ID Finder by Fatih
- Zlib Uncompress Tool by sxsxsx
- Team ID viewer by Fatih
- Player ID viewer by sxsxsx
- Kit Manager
- ScaleForm
- FileLoader by Jenkey1002
- Kit Manager by Nimar9
- Paint
- Visual Studio
- HEX editor
- Other Softwares made by different peoples and our team.


PES SMoKE Patch series is a Modding series on a soccer game by KONAMI. Since KONAMI doesn't have licensing, original names, kits and competitions, the game is incomplete.
 So, for the completion of that part, SMoKE has been making patches.
This patching is done by Fadi Alkam(dido_Smoke) from 2009 - 2013, but he is unable to continue this work and then a few of his fans thought of continuing this series. 
The new group (named themselves as SMoKE Team) with direct help and assistance from dido_smoke have started to make new patch for 2014 and on.  
The patching would have never been successful without our beloved fans, the tweaks and tools made by other respectful people.

1. SMoKE Team doesnot encourages to use any pirated copy of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
2. SMoKE Team is not responsible for any damages done to any computer, its operating system, files, data or any hardware connected/associated with
    the computer.

Thanks to and PESEDIT Team

Version 6.1 BUILD 6100 Gold 
SMoKE Patch
By SMoKE Team

 QiuY And EPT Team for Football life editor
 Estarlen Silva for adboards and chants
 Stroane for faces
 Stels & shamrik_gunners for faces
 Willian Henrique for faces
 Grkn Design for sky textures
 Pes Monkey for adboards
 Sergio-Argetina for faces 
 Pes-patch 2013-2014
 Yair for gameplay
 Nesa24 for frame-skipping settings
 vangelis for faces
 Samuel Cannavaro 
 Sameh Momen for faces
 tunizizou for faces
 Kairzhanov for faces
 ScaleForm Encoder
 Secun1972 for chants
 Black & White for sleeve patches
 maulana_10 for faces
 Emanuel for brazuca ball 2014
 PESMonkey For adboards
 PESEDIT for kits
 Blender 2.69
 db89 and Hicksville
 Suat Cagdas ( sxsxsx) for tools
 PRO-EVO Editing Studio
 Jenkey1002 Production 2013 for fileloader and explorer

All rights reserved

Pro Evolution Soccer is a registered trademark of KONAMI Inc.
All Sofwares or Trademarks referenced here are the intellectual property of thier respective owners.

© SMoKE Patch 2009-2014
© SMoKE Team 2014


  1. thanks smoke team for postig patch i will wait torrent so i can help u
    one more time thanks

  2. Great !!!!!!!!!!
    I like smoke team ,thanks for everyone ...

  3. Seems there aint no Datapack installer ? followed the instructions upto part 6 where it says Extract DataPack into a seperate Folder which i dont have, installed the main patch aswell as the 2D League but again at the end it states install datapack from Smoke Data Pack installer

    1. If you had installed our previous patch (GOLD 6.0), you had downloaded it, if you hadn't, download it here:

  4. I have downloaded and installed the patch and 2d installer on fresh copy of PES 2014 but when i run the game it gives me error that "unable to load data is from different version". The datapack in the game is not implemented but the version is updated to 1.07. Also there is no change in the teams of the game. Its like if the patch is never installed. What am i doing wrong here? Can anyone help me please??????

    1. Please retry everything from beginning! The instructions have been updated, a little up's and down's on the steps!

  5. This is NOT a April fool !!

    1. The datapack installer should be downloaded and should be installed before installing patch!!!

    2. Unable to load data : Please install dp2 first and then patch and lastly 2d league before you open the game!!

    ~ Ayush Sanchez

  6. non funziona. nessuno istaller del datapackh manca file exe datapack

    1. S'il vous plaît réessayer sur une nouvelle copie de PES 2014, avec toutes les instructions ci-dessus. :)

  7. You say this patch includes Datapack 4 and Reloaded-version 1.07(crack). Have installed data pack, Gold 6.1 and the new D2 selector. In game shows as Data pack 3 and not 4.

    1. Sorry, previously, we thought KONAMI will release dp4, so, description was dp4, but konami didnt release, so, DP3, but 107 works with SMoKE Patch easily

    2. No problem, still a great patch...

  8. explain the procedure to install the patch please
    1 install the game again (I have to put the crack after installation?)
    2 datapach install patch 2
    3 I copy loader smoke in the game directory???
    4 I install smoke patch 6.1. Exe????
    This procedure is correct?
    thanks look

    1. I understand at this way

      1. if u don't have data pack 2 FIRST OF ALL
      download and installl datapack without 2d division
      2. install the patch
      3. install 2d division of the patch

      i hope i could help u

  9. You didn't provide a file loader, atleast I didn't find one in. Should I download the new Jenkey's beta and install it?? Will it cause any problems???

    1. Wait we are currently working on 6.1.1 which is under development, it will be released very soon!!!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I cant extract files. Where is password?

  12. vous faite un super boulot les gars continué comme sa par contre étant un fan de Barcelone au niveau du stade il y a quelque bug au niveau des tribune présidentielle si vous pouvais faire quelque modification merci d avance

  13. "sound dll this file contains invalid data" WTF!! please explain to me why.

  14. It's driving me crazy. Let's see: How can I know exactly what I have installed before? what is exactly what I have to download?
    I don't know if I have DP2 or not, I know I installed v6.01 few weeks ago. Sorry, but help, plz. Thanks for your work.

    1. 1. if u don't have data pack 2 FIRST OF ALL
      download and installl datapack without 2d division
      2. install the patch
      3. install 2d division of the patch 6.1

    2. Thanks, but I tried for myself and I think I have done something wrong. In Liga adelante only appears Ireland teams. And I have found dummy players too

  15. Replies
    1. Yes, uninstall everything and re-install!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. What folder or directory do i have to install the datapack?
    What folder or directory do i have to install the patch too?

    for example: C:Program Files/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

    and Which will be install first, Patch or Datapack?

    1. my question exactly....which should be installed first, patch or datapack...

    2. and datapack leads me to install it into ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\download patch into Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 and 2d league into Users\Komunjara\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\save I mean wtf :D should it all go into one spot in program files or should I do as the installers recommend me : pach into program files, datapack into program data and 2d league into saves??? help me people please :/

    3. DP2 should be installed in system program data folder
      For example, you have C:\ drive as windows directory,
      Install dp2 in:
      C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\download\

      And 2d leagues in My documents directory

  18. why not create a new datapach full exe to solve all these problems and update the datapach2?

    1. Thats because we need to upload it and people will have to download it again, so, old one will work!

  19. In cup mode after saving line up and subs the game does not load the saved subs when reloading team line up, thought this was Konami 1.04 problem and fixed for 1.06 and 1.07. Could some one from smoke team confirm this. Thanks...

  20. please one thing bothering me when I want to change my cleats to any player at Real Madrid face being restored, thanks in advance

    1. Its' because the players have faces in patch which doesnt work after editing!

    2. Thank you very much for your response, and whether this improve in the future because I use smoke patch since PES 2009, you're the best, greetings

  21. Oscar and Hazzard has no heads..What i am supposed to do?

  22. Is the data pack 2 different from data pack previous i download in smoke patch gold 6.0?Do i have to download data pack 2 to install 6.01 patch update help please.

    1. Datapack is same! But to install 6.1, you need dlc2 installed!

    2. where can i find dlc2???and datapack2 how to install it??

  23. Excuse me, but the gameplay is still has not been fix. The gameplay is still the same. Can you guys fix the gameplay as your main priority.. i do not care about the face or the kits, emblems, chants or stadium.. the gameplay needs to be fix. Sorry if i make you guys mad. Thank you.

    1. No problrm, we are working on AI !! Gameplay will be awesome in v6.1.1!

  24. Hi!
    Is possible to use orginal PES goal net? This net is thick, not look good for me.
    Everything else is great, thanks!

  25. I'm waiting torrent to download it. Thank you for all Smoke Team !!

  26. Hi Sm0ke team, Greta work , thanks -)

    By the way the instructions are twisted a bit .

    1- install DP2 wihtout 2nd Division
    2- install patch v6.1

    Again Thanks a lot for this great work !

    1. emm done it so many times already..still this error "unable to load data is from different version" come out..i giveup already :(

    2. And after installing patch install the new 2d league !!!
      It will fix!

  27. after installation the names of the leagues and the teams are default but the kits are correct !!! any help

    1. Did you install the 2 d league in v 6.1???

  28. does it contain classic european all stars real names and faces as well as world all stars real names and faces ???

    1. Sorrry ! It doesnt contain faces! We tried but they are registered as fake players, so , we cant relink faces! Sorry about that!

  29. can we update the boots???can i use the fileloader for boots??

    1. NO, wait for the new update, 6.1.1, it will contain loader and dlc4

  30. Ok.. i have a problem whit EUROPA LEAGUE!...
    Every time when i whant to play.. in (this case in my Master League)..
    my screen simply vanish( crash) whit no error no nothing..
    Can u give me some advice so i can try to fix it.. tnx. :)

    1. Hey,
      You open ML and then it crashes or you press next or it crashes|?
      If it is crashing after pressing next, you have to start a new ML and if it doesnt start at all, dont use the FL Editor and try UEFA EL in exhibition, does it crashes?

    2. After i go next then i got crash.. cuz my next match is in UEFA EL...
      i tryed whitout FL Editor but again same thing..
      and even in exhibiton of CL and UEFA EL i got same crash?!? .. what to do ? pls help..

  31. installed as told but no comentary when set to english? why ?
    also I dont see the world cup qualifier tournament..please help

  32. Can yo give me some screenshoot ?

  33. got error " pro evolution soccer 2014 has stopped working " after install datapack , patch.... help pless.. tq..

  34. Is there any password to unrar the DP2? Can't extract it unless I have the password which I didn't. Admin please help tq

  35. Hello Smoke team!

    Thanks for the patch, which is the only way Pes 2014 is playable!
    I'd just like to note some things to help your work! Fewer this time, not all the team badges have this silver circle around them. The premier League teams except MU all have the real badges but without the silver circle around them. Also, for the champions league competition, the game sets its deafult font and not the smoke font.

    Thanks again for this incredible patch and keep up the good work!!!

    1. Oh and if you can the Olympiacos kits need the Unicef tab :D

  36. i setup the patch ..everything good except the sound not work in game ..i changed to stereo in pes settings but still not work ..any Solutions...thanks

  37. Hello
    how to uninstall patch ...?
    I want then reinstall it from the beginning.

  38. Guys please I don't know where is the fileloader folder ....

    1. the patch doesn't work it has no fileloader .... just fl editor ?? :/

  39. I have problem, I dont know how to start patch, there is CPK file. Can you halp me?

  40. i can't extract my patch.. what the password? thanks

  41. i have to install all but windows say pes was stopped working can u halp me



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