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PES Smoke Patch GOLD 6.1.1

               PES SMoKE Patch  GOLD v 6.1.1 Update                                        By SMoKE Team

Special Thanks to  dido_smoke (fadi alkam) and Lan Akhlaken

Thanks to BETA Testers

SMoKE Team: Mohamed Elshafey,EL Anezs,Larry Stephen Facoly,Firas Zinou,Iepure,Parash Devkota and Ayush Devkota

Install this version of SMoKE Patch after installing version 6.1 

New Features:

- Bootpack v3.0 (thanks to ron69)- Updated starting XI for many teams- Fixed bugs of chants in stadiums- Datapack 4- Added lots of chants for many clubs and national teams.- Added NEW Faces for a some players!- Fixed bugs with data load (edit.bin)- Revised team play- FileLoader with new AI system and sliders along with v1.07- Minor tweaks within the gameplay and stats- NO_DVD v1.07( Full original .exe)- Other reported bugs fixed (faces,balls,stadiums,boots!)


- Mitroglou(Fulham),Hazard(Chelsea),Oscar(chelsea) and Victor Moses(Liverpool) face and several other faces and tatoo bugs fixed!

- The emblems fixed for fc barcelona, BPL, La liga, rma,etc!


55180,”Djabou”38240,”Ozil”43076,”Varane”40571,”De Gea”7444,”Villa”36797 = Mitrogolou7329 – S. Ramos7880 – M. Debuchy32493 – E. Lavezzi33237 – D. Silva37306 – M. Balotelli57353 – D. Carvajal59510 – Jesé Rodriguez7312 = D.Alves40665 = J. DOS SANTOS42868 = Marc Bartra7511 = Messi40352 = Neymar30277 ,LLORENTE”46834,”Deulofeu”46456, “Ghilas”41609,”Abdennour”54590,”Adrian Ramos”46828,”Alcacer”36867,”Coentrao”45404,”Ferri”39477,”Gillet”38627,”Giroud”44659,”Krychowiak”54757,”Leitner”1653,”Pizarro”44834,”Van Rhijn”30210,”Yaya Toure”

Chants Added For:
Clubs:FC Barcelona – Real Madrid – Valencia – At. Madrid -Betis – Celta de Vigo – Bilbao – Espanyol – Málaga -Osasuna – Sevilla – Getafe – Levante – Rayo Vallecano - AC MILAN - Juventus-Bayern Munich.

Datapack and Official Update

This patch includes Datapack 4 and 1.07(NO_DVD)

2nd divisions:
+LigaAdelente+2. Bundesliga+Skybet Championship

Softwares used to make SMoKE  patch
- Adobe Photoshop- HxD Hex Editor- Blender- PRO-EVO Editing Studio- Face tool by sxsxsx- Cpk manager by sxsxsx- File Explorer by Jenkey1002- Face ID Finder by Fatih- Zlib Uncompress Tool by sxsxsx- Team ID viewer by Fatih- Player ID viewer by sxsxsx- Kit Manager- ScaleForm- FileLoader by Jenkey1002- Kit Manager by Nimar9- Paint- Visual Studio- HEX editor- Other Softwares made by different peoples and our team.



PES SMoKE Patch series is a Modding series on a soccer game by KONAMI. Since KONAMI doesn't have licensing, original names, kits and competitions, the game is incomplete. So, for the completion of that part, SMoKE has been making patches.This patching is done by Fadi Alkam(dido_Smoke) from 2009 - 2013, but he is unable to continue this work and then a few of his fans thought of continuing this series. The new group (named themselves as SMoKE Team) with direct help and assistance from dido_smoke have started to make new patch for 2014 and on.  The patching would have never been successful without our beloved fans, the tweaks and tools made by other respectful people.
1. SMoKE Team doesnot encourages to use any pirated copy of Pro Evolution Soccer 20142. SMoKE Team is not responsible for any damages done to any computer, its operating system, files, data or any hardware connected/associated with    the computer. 

Thanks to, pes-kits and PESEDIT Team
Version 6.1.1 Gold SMoKE PatchBy SMoKE Team

 Jenkey1002 Production 2014 for fileloader and explorer QiuY And EPT Team for Football life editor Estarlen Silva for adboards and chants Stroane for faces Stels & shamrik_gunners for faces Willian Henrique for faces Mayo for faces Grkn Design for sky textures Pes Monkey for adboards Sergio-Argetina for faces  Pes-patch 2013-2014 vangelis for faces Samuel Cannavaro  Sameh Momen for faces tunizizou for faces Kairzhanov for faces ScaleForm Encoder Secun1972,Istvan and bmpes for chants Black & White for sleeve patches maulana_10 for faces Emanuel for brazuca ball 2014 PESMonkey For adboards PESEDIT for kits Blender 2.69 db89 and Hicksville for UCL Boards Suat Cagdas( sxsxsx) for tools PRO-EVO Editing Studio

All rights reserved

Pro Evolution Soccer is a registered trademark of KONAMI Inc.All Sofwares or Trademarks referenced here are the intellectual property of thier respective owners.
© SMoKE Patch 2009-2014© SMoKE Team 2014



  1. Ohhhhhh, a great update !!!!!!
    Thanks sooooooo much Smoke team .

  2. Hmmm.... where are the links?

    1. Gotcha! Thanks. From what I read, it should work find with DP4.3 right? I by accidentally updated PES (on auto) :/

  3. At 6.1 Patch when i play master league and specifically French Cup,i have noticed i bug that have 2d league teams that i selected during the setup of the patch.
    For example i have choose Skybet Championship on the setup and teams from Skybet Championship showed up on French Cup.How i fix that?It will be fixed on 6.1.1 patch ??

    1. Same issue here trying to play Master League in the English Premier.

  4. We wait for the new version ...Links plzzz

  5. The modification on Benfica team in your pacth not avaiable
    Goolkeeper Oblack
    Transferencia of Mario Cortês to Sao Paulo, he still on Benfica team yat

  6. PESEdit patch released yesterday. It will keep me occupied until the smoke patch is released! :D

  7. THE image of SIGNAL IDUNA PARK Stadium does not appear, in the selection of stadiums.
    Please FIX IT!

    1. not working the uniform of Blackburn Rovers ... appears completely white.

    2. Hi, seems like the AI needs some tweaking in 6.1.1 update as opposition players are running out of bounds to often. Not sure how the AI setting in file loader works so does anyone know how this works so I can tweak it for better AI.

    3. AI is now fixed! Thanks for your feedback! Blackburn Rovers? If its' still existing, it will be fixed! Actually, Signal Iduna park is there and its preview is still working ! But, also, installing 6.1.1 will fix it! Cheers!

  8. So.. ? Any release date or progress.. ?

  9. Hi, are you working on an update for the new pes patch and new dlc ?

  10. أرجوا التعديل على قوة التحمل لبعض اللاعبين
    كريستيانو ينهك في شوط واحد فقط



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