Friday, June 20, 2014

PES 2015

Konami have released a teaser trailer ahead of the start of E3 for PES 2015 and set a date of June 25th for theOfficial gameplay first look.

Is this a clever move by Konami so PES doesn't fade into the background with loads of other announcements due at E3? or is it a bad move not showing more on the big stage?

You can watch the 30 second teaser below.


  1. hey there, greetings from croatia!
    first of all, let me just say that you guys are doing an amazing job with all the updates, tweaks and improvements for the pes series and i'm really glad that someone has stepped up and continued the great work that dido_smoke started. your updates are such an improvement to the pes series and with them pes is, in my opinion, no. 1 football game in the world.
    that being said, i would like to ask you guys for a little favor - if possible, i would like you to include hnk rijeka in the coming 2015 patches. the reason why i'm asking this is because hnk rijeka (currently second in the croatian 1st division) really turned into a well known and well managed club that plays attractive football not only in its national championship, but europa league as well. this is rijeka's second consecutive year in the europa league and the players have shown that they play football that can equally compete with world known clubs such as vfb stuttgart, olympique lyonnais, sevilla fc, feyenoord and many others. the quality and value of rijeka's players has also been recognized by the national team's (currently ranked no. 14 by fifa) manager niko kovac and rijeka now has 4 players selected for the national team (official players list for the next qualification round against italy for euro 2016.). for comparison, gnk dinamo currently has 3 players and hnk hajduk only 1 player in the national team and those two clubs have been a regular addition to pes series for quite some time now ('other european clubs').
    so, i really hope that you will take all this information into consideration an deservedly add hnk rijeka to the great pes family.



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