Wednesday, July 2, 2014

PES Smoke Patch 7.0

After a very unsuccessful version of PES (PES 2014), Konami have promised a come back with PES 2015 in the market. We patch developers, and gamer are all having very high expectations with this, as it's the 20th anniversary of KONAMI, and they have even quoted their PES 2015 as "Form is Temporary, class is permanent".


 We Smoke team also had a great difficulty with the updates and other things of Konami, and in between the fileloader developer Jenkey wasn't active for a long time too. Leaving all these behind, we tried our best to make the patch and hope the upcoming year will be even more better.

Now for Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, we have PES Smoke Patch 7.0; but we haven't named it like we did before (blue for 5.0 and gold for 6.0).

We want some suggestions by our users in this regard.

P.S.  tomorrow (july 3rd), the features of PES 2015 is set to be released.

Please comment your suggestion for the name of Smoke Patch 7.0 on the comment section below!!


  1. Please Konami do some big improvements with PES2015. PES has been my football simulation game of choice for many years until PES2014. I don't know what you have done with the franchise in PES 2014. The graphics are good that is a standout. the problem is very much in the game play. the players movements are just not as smooth as they use to be. Players dont even look like their real life replicas/ they do not even move as they did in PES 2013. My suggestions for Konami to address the problem is: PES2015 must have the players, game play, ball physique,shooting system and movements like of PES 2013 and the graphics, stadium mood, and reactions as that of PES2014. I do not really care much about the UI, all that really matter is an enjoyable free dribbling control game.I mean how can Bale/Messi/CR7/Walcott sprint first and be able to be overran by someone I know is not really fast and they were far away when a through ball or chips was made. PES2014 has a lot to be fixed especially on the field happenings.

  2. Gameplay of PES2013 is almost flawless



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