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SMoKE Patch Platinum 7.0.0

SMOKE Patch Platinum 7.0.0

Final Build of SMoKE Patch is almost ready. We have been working in the background quite hard and have added the following things. But we want to make sure that our patch delivers the best so, we want to ask you a few questions.

Update: With DLC 2 releasing soon, the main DLC 2 won't be in this version but will contain kits and faces only from it. That will be added in next update of smoke patch.
 Also, juce has provided a free side selection tool which we are testing with our patch. So please have patience.
1. Would you like to see faces added in this version? As this patch is quite huge of the stadiums and other files, and also KONAMI is focusing faces and gameplay this year so, we dont think faces will be important as last year. But it depends upon your thoughts.

2. Would you like to see sweetFX in this version as optional?

3. What features would you like except the ones included below?

Features list:

- Fake players corrected of national teams.
- Added a total of 51 ball.(Ron69)
- Added bootpack
- Added coaches names and pictures for many teams
- Full bundesliga added with kits and names along with managers
- Added some kits for skybet championship
- Added a total of 26 stadiums with total of 41 (estarlen silva)
- Added ad boards for all leagues.
- Updated the turfs to hd ones
- Skies are now full hd including thunder storm.
- Classic teams corrected.
- Premier league is now fully corrected with managers,kits and some new stadiums
- Seria B teams corrected.
- Kits added for national teams.

Stadium List:

La Liga BBVA
Estadio Santiago Bernabéu
Camp Nou:
Camp de Mestalla
Estadio La Rosaleda
El Madrigal
Vicente Calderón
BBVA Arena
Premier League
Villa Park
Stamford Bridge
Anfield Road
Loftus Road
Britannia Stadium
Serie A Tim
Stadio Luigis Ferraris
Stadio Renzo Barbera
Stadio Olimpico di Roma
Stadio San Paolo
Staddio Ennio Tardinni
Signal Iduna Park
Veltins Arena
Afc Champions League (Árabe)
King Fahd International Stadium
Prince Abullah Al Faisal Stadium
Other Teams Europe ( Outros Times da Europa )
Estadio da Luz
Turk Telekom Arena
Stade de France
Allianz del Nuevo Triunfo

NOTE: BETA will receive this patch within 7 days from today. JOIN BETA here.



  1. what about other european teams? (beşiktaş, basel, dynamo kyiv...)

  2. Please, do not forget to removed the German clubs in "other European teams" after adding the bundesliga
    - Kits for Bundesliga, Series B, Liga Adelante, and Sky BET Championship
    thank you Smoke the team

  3. Hello, your work is very enjoyable to see, you really leaves a real patch!
    I would like this new patch for Pes 2015 you would add packages to real players tattoos would be really cool, and if possible add the stages of the 32 teams in the uefa champions league, would be perfect! thank you for attention admire your work! even more

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  5. hello, glad to see your hardworks.
    i would like to see this PES 2015 patch :
    - Capitalize Each Word like player name *W.Rooney replacing W.ROONEY such as at PES 2013 Smoke Patch
    - new style national flags and club logos
    - Add Malaysia National Team
    that's all about my opinions.i'm appreciate your works.

  6. I don't think faces will be necessary. Konami did it very good. :)

  7. Just release an initial version soon please, you can add faces and such in a later version. Also missing teams are more important than missing stadiums. Sweetfx as an optional feature should be nice.

  8. Do faces for players like Pato,Kaka,Ronaldinho,Adriano...

  9. put hnk rijeka and other clubs from europa league pleasee

  10. The patch is gonna be released to beta very soon, also, we will have updates in future adding your requested features. Thanks for the feedback!

  11. Only few of added stadiums are good quality. It's better to add faces and 3rd and 4th kit.

  12. please,
    - Faces and correct names for Algeria
    - Names and Emblems for all the competitions
    - Real managers with images: EPL, SkyBet, Eredivisie, Bundesliga, Series A and B, Liga BBVA, Adelante ....

    1. Faces will be added in updates, other features you told is present (managers and names with emblems)

  13. real names , face , hairs for players of bosnia and herzegovina pls tnx in advance :D

  14. real names , face , hairs for players of bosnia and herzegovina pls tnx in advance :D

  15. torrent files instead of those ad pages please. thank smoke team!!!

  16. Replies
    1. Yes, almost the players have correct call names.

  17. dont forget to add update DLC 2.0 and version from konami . . .

  18. Everything on the list looks quite satisfying, I suggest you don't attempt to do everyting and fulfil all requests, because quality is more important than quantity. Take it step by step with doing new kits, faces and other features as I think that putting a lot of low quality work will degrade your patch and you will be doing the same mistake pesgalaxy team did. They were anounnced as best patchers, but some parts of the patch are really poorly done (some terrible kits like Aston Villa kits, Arsenal kits, Chelsea third kit, a lot of hideous faces like Muniain, etc.), so it's all about the details. I appreciate your effort, and I believe you will deliver best patch so far, as you did in years before. Thanks for everything...

  19. soon... i can't wait longer anymore...

  20. I think this patch is going to kill it ! can w8 for it

  21. ohh im very tired to waiting and waitinggggg.....

  22. Dear Admin. Please add more national teams(25-30) in patch including all SAFF countries especially Pakistan..... please
    its request. in 2014 we were unable to see more national teams. i hope this time we can look of luck

  23. plz creat world old classic team and clubs dream teams . like to barca dream team . real dream team and ...

  24. real names , face , hairs for players of bosnia and herzegovina pls tnx in advance :D

  25. when you want to release your patch? pes 2016 is out :)

  26. please Gerrard face and his beard......///////

  27. Tanx smoke Team for ur work but when is this Patch coming out?

  28. Please add more teams from Asia with correct names and faces especially Pakistan in your next patch

  29. Please add more national teams especially Pakistan & SAFF teams in patch.
    Best of luck :)

  30. here is the national team of Azerbaijan ? if not please add. thank you very much

  31. Hello, i am using smoke'patchs since Pes 2011 'n i dont use others.. Urs can put in patch the japanese commentaries. Many peoples are looking for this commentaries, 'n this can make the diference..

    Tks for the best patch of the world.. :)

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  33. ALGERIA national team faces please <3 <3

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Greetings and good luck to you.
    I want you , Please create a very important feature in the patch.
    And that is:
    Show coaches In the corner of turf , Ongoing guidance of their players.
    Thank you

  36. IRAN national team faces please and blare the name of the IRAN national team players please....

  37. we need at least 16 African national teams so we can play a real African cup of nations correctly .. thanks a lot in advance .. great work guys

  38. Can you put Celtic back in the game please.

  39. Is there any chance you can change trophies shapes to real ones ? ( World Cup real trophy, Liga BBVA, Premiere league UEFA CL, etc... )

  40. when we can download patch.. i can't waitt ... pleaseee :)

  41. The best PES Patch....SMOKE PATCH !!!! amazing work dudes! Can't wait this version

  42. thank youu.excellent work guys :D i belive in the best ant it's smoke !

  43. When time are you guys releasing this patch? eagerly waiting for this patch.

  44. When it will release? I cant wait this BEST SMOKE PATCH longer. Come on guys. Thanks

  45. Is SMoKE_Patch_v7.0.1_Platinum compatible with DLC 3.00 ??

  46. i still can't play pes 2015 because get problem black screen when open games.
    pls help me dude!
    help me to fix problem black screen when open games

  47. please, Patch for PES 2016, the time is up for PES 2015 hhhhhhhhhhhhhh



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