Thursday, September 24, 2015

Getting Ready for PES Smoke Patch for PES 2016!

Return of the King.

There is a quiet, almost imperceptible genius to PES 2016 that will leave players struggling to explain exactly why they have fallen in love with it.
This finely crafted soccer sim will be lauded by fans who, almost certainly, will base their judgments around the word "feel". As in, doing almost everything in PES 2016 feels fantastic, from fearless and desperate sliding tackles, to holding up the ball under pressure, to the heavenly wave of pride that comes with out thinking and turning a defender.

Such ethereal joys make PES 2016 wonderful in ways that its peers and predecessors are not. How developer PES Productions has delivered on this, however, is tricky to discern. Great design is transparent, goes the saying, and 2016's triumph does not come from a standout feature that can be snappily summarized on the back of the box. It's not your old smartphone but now with a fingerprint scanner. It's not Malibu Stacy with a new hat.
PES 2016 sings in your hands for more elaborate reasons, namely how it wonderfully converges two rather sexless elements: Physics and AI. The advances made in these fundamentals have achieved a more physical, smarter, strategic soccer sim for both football nerds and casual fans alike. It's more fluid, fluctuant, and alive than ever.

Above all else, the most meaningful stride forward is the new collision system, which so much now hinges on. Considering that soccer games live and die by their authenticity, and that dynamic physics systems almost inevitably throw up gif-worthy calamities, you have to commend the audacity of PES Productions for betting the whole farm on its new tech. What's quite remarkable is how faultless it has turned out to be, free from comical miscalculations and distorted momentum swings.

REVIEW BY: Rob Crossley on © GAMESCOM

So, although late, I played PES 2016 yesterday and i have been playing every moment I am free.
I haven't played PES 2013 in a while and hence I don't remember how was it while playing PES 2016. BUT i can say that 16 is better than 14 and 15 both. YES PES 2016 is a LOT better than 14 and 15.

We are currently working on patch, we will let you know when we will release to BETA.

If anyone has suggestions about how to improve this PES 2016, please fill the form below:


  1. Can u help me to add myanmar u19 team, this team was played in fifa u20 world cup in new zealand . They made the first goal in fifa u20 word cup. Please would u try for myanmar people played pes 2016, i hope yr help

  2. Teams participating in the Champions League in "other team europeans" please

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  4. International kits and players, there have been many friendly games that can help get it right.

  5. Replies
    1. Nek wes oleh PING ME mbidek ae yo..hahaha

  6. Ayo lek ndang metu patch nya BRAVOOOOOOO!!!!

  7. - Stadiums and HD pitch.

    - Classic teams and nationals teams

    - Classics players as Maradorna, Littbarski, Caniggia, Batistuta and others, presents in 2013 blue edition, and more news others classic players.

    - Players as Lampard, Pirlo, Nesta, Del Piero, David Villa, Thiery Henry and other great players in atcive in this moments, but in others leagues.

    - Total full Brasileirão Serie B.

    - More speed and AI in goalkepeers

    - More AI in the judgers, so many foul and penalty in the game.

    - If possible, a option for personal music

    - If possible too, compatible with Steam or/and online

  8. Good News Seeing Dido Smoke coming back to Smoke Patch Team. Am very happy. Please Kindly add all National team Anthem to Smoke Patch 8.0



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