Monday, December 26, 2016

SMoKE update 9.2.2 (coming soon)

Hi everyone, a new update for the Smoke Patch 9.2 called 'update 9.2.2' is on the way

This patch hopefully fixes the crashing problem with Master League and Become a Legend game modes.

Some national team players' name have been fixed, 20 teams are added to south america, new faces, complete MLS squad and so on.

Check the Update log below for details.

Change Log:


- included fix for CPY ML and BL crash
(if your save is crashed start ML without modifying the patch)
- fixed bugged players
- fixed fake names in nationals
- correct CL teams
- fixed french league balls
- added more real faces
- added 20 teams to south america
(complete squads and kits)
- updated some kits
- correct squads for Brasileiro teams
- replaced more than 500 fake players
- completed new asian teams squads
- completed MLS teams squads


Testing ML



1. This is an update for the FULL patch 9.2, hence you MUST INSTALL 9.2 before installing this update. 

2. Smoke Update 9.2.1 has been included in this so you won't need to install that.
3. Please comment your feedback, bug reports and suggestions below, even if we don't reply, we are reading all your comments.


  1. any expected release date please? :)

  2. Cool! This looks great. No release date?

    Hopefully you didn't put in those horrible white turf lines that PESGalaxy stadiums Those are the worst lines ever.

  3. please add GALATASARAY. Otherwise, i hope that ML crash fixed %100

  4. looking forward for the update :) will be awsome,will u add some players to barcelona from b team like u had in 2016 patch?would be great :)

  5. Add more face please, you guys awesome

  6. Your patches are awesome! And I wanna thank you. Just put the stadiums for teams like Swansea, West Hamm, Burnley and almost all other teams in Barclay Premiership, please.



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