Sunday, March 26, 2017

NOTE: master league season crash

NOTE: master league season crash

We still get messages about a crash in master league when going to next season, this is not smoke patch issue, we have tested the patch for seven consecutive seasons without crashing once, so it is safe to say that it is not a patch issue, as we do not get any crash when testing.

Possible reasons for this issue: 

1- corrupted game 
there are a lot of copies out there and we know that some of them are corrupted, we test the patch with steam version and with cpy-skidrow-reloaded version, no crash was found in any of our tests. so be sure your game is not corrupted.

2- using ML/BL money tools or cheats
all users who uses such tools reported the same crash, it might not be a direct cause but we cannot be sure because we dont use them and we do not recommend such tools, play the game as it is supposed to be played.

3- unofficial patch files
the ONLY official patch links are the links in the official smoke patch website (, any other links are not ours and we cannot help you with anything.

4- modifying the patch files
changing any of the patch cpk files or change the dpfilelist is at your own risk, we test the patch with its files, changing the patch might have undesired consequences. it is possible to make changes inside the game editor, but DO NOT replace the edit file with another one even if its from previous versions.

note that if the ML or BL crash it cannot be fixed even if you fixed the cause of the crash.

other reports about occasional crashes (like some cup games) is related to another issues that will be fixed in future updates.

More information in frequently asked questions. FAQ


  1. I have the original version of the game from Steam and I do not have any other patch installed. Please help me. I really want to play Master League.

  2. will deleting the game and reinstalling everything again fix the issue?

  3. Nope. ML still crash on 5/2019.

  4. game didnt crash before with another patch...tried Smoke patch and now it does..not saying Smoke patch crashes games but like what they said, if u use ML/BL money tools STAY AWAY FROM SMOKE PATCH. simple.



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