Tuesday, March 7, 2017

PES SMoKE Patch 9.3.3 - Coming Soon !

Hey guys,

New details about the upcoming update for SMoKE Patch 2017 has been provided by dido_smoke bringing many fixes and new stuffs.

A new update 9.3.3 is under the way, along with other add-ons and new packs for the patch 9.3, this update as usual will include previous updates 9.3.2 and 9.3.1, meaning you can install this update over any of the versions starting with 9.3.

* Fix trophy system (database) IN PROGRESS
adding trophies to the patch has made some errors in the game, such as the EPL trophy appearing in almost all games entrance, also it cause some random crashes in FL modes when playing in cups.
this is being fixed, worst case scenario will be going back to default trophies, but hopefully will be able to create and integrate the trophies without any errors.

* Add new teams (edit file - database) IN PROGRESS
this update we will continue adding more teams, the teams that will be included in the game are:

- National Teams (+12):
Guinea-Bissau - Africa
Togo - Africa
Uganda - Africa
Philippines - Asia
Vietnam - Asia
Pakistan - Asia
Palestine - Asia
India - Asia
Cyprus - Europe
Kazakhstan - Europe
Estonia - Europe
Canada - Americas

- Clubs (+2)
Persepolis Fc - Iran
Rangers Fc - Scotland

* Review free agents and fake players (edit file - database) DONE
all fake players as free agents are being replaced with real players mostly used in the new national teams, we might have missed some minor fake players that will be replaced when discovered.

* Fix Krasnodar bug (edit file - database) DONE
there is a bug with this team that most users did not notice, the bug was that if you transfer any player from or to this team, or edit this team the save file will bug and will not be able to save the changes, thus revert to the previous edits.
this is a database conflict problem that will be fixed in the update

* add and fix faces (edit file - database) IN PROGRESS
as in all previous updates, this one will have more real faces, and will correct some bugged faces following the fans reports we gathered over this website and the social media.

* update kits (database) IN PROGRESS
some reported some kits that needs reviewing, these new kits is being created or modified for the best gaming experience.

* add more players (edit file - database) IN PROGRESS
a lot of new players is added to the patch, most of them are the players in the new national teams and also some players that transferred from unknown or minor teams.

* add more extra empty cpk files (database) DONE
after requests, the extra cpk file will be 12, although we recommend merging the cpk you add as shown in the tutorials, we will add 4 more extra to the 8 already added in previous versions.

* add high quality real sleeve badges for all league IN PROGRESS
a high quality sleeve badges is being made by G-style, the work he is making is just amazing, will integrate this badges in this update

* transfers review IN PROGRESS
the transfer window for south america teams will close at the end of march, we are updating the transfers as they go, however a full review for south american teams will be done after the transfers closes for all leagues,

* national teams call-ups IN PROGRESS
as usual, smoke patch updates the national call-ups only when there is a big competition, the latest AFCON league had some teams review, however some reports pointed that some are still in need of updates, we will review and update African national teams for this update.

* permanently include Chinese league instead of japan league PENDING
there is a poll for this issue, the CSL add-on might be included by default in the patch instead of the J. league pending final decision after the poll is closed.
however the j. league might also be in the patch as an optional add-on.


: all comments or reports concerning the stadiums is listed, will not be included in this update because we are working on a new stadium pack that will consider all reports when being created, the new stadium pack will be released a little after the new update
BALLS: a new ball pack V3 will be released soon, updating 10 balls
CSL add-on: a new updated Chinese league add-on will be done based on this new update. using the current CSL add-on will not work properly with the new update.
ADD-ONS: all add-ons except league add-on is fully compatible with this update.

Release date:
The release of this update is not set yet, depending on the amount of work to be done, it is expected to be ready in a couple of weeks, a release date will be set once its clear.


  1. Replies
    1. When does it crash? Playing ML? or exhibition match? Give more details please.

  2. In 9.3.2, The lawn is bad, in a way lawn smooth, there are no other lawn
    How to change the lawn? and thank you

    1. http://www.smokepatch.org/p/add-ons.html

      Download the turf switcher and choose from the options!

  3. When I try to edit Ndidi of Leicester City , it say live update and resets the player . Help Me

    1. The player will get updated by KONAMI via live updates and will apply to the edit menu. What edit you want to do? It can be done by editing the database files if you want to!

  4. want you !!! make many fa players.
    ex)saviola. imar

  5. In Sporting Clube Portugal a player named Ruben Semedo has the face of Cicero from Paços de Ferreira and Matheus Pereira has the face of Corinthians' Mateus Pereira
    Hope you fix it
    Thank you you're great

  6. actualizar camisetas de river por favor

    1. Sí, se actualizarán en la próxima actualización. ¡Gracias!

  7. add please moldova team in pes 2017

    1. Adding national teams depends upon the polls. Sorry but right now, the update is coming, so, no new national teams are going to be added. Maybe in future updates!

  8. Replies
    1. You can add sweetFX manually by download it from pes-patch.com or any other websites and copy to the game directory. Adjust the settings and it is compatible with the patch. But, it might affect the gameplay though!

  9. Please Adding more Europan Team bro , it should replace Asia Team

    1. Yes, european teams are also a priority.

  10. please fix the ml crash..it randomly says pes online warriors has stopped working and crashes..most of the time it progresses after restarting game but sometimes it keeps crashing at the same time. eg i chose national team and when i press next it keeps crashing me to desktop. happened the 5th time now causing me to lose all progress. this also happened once while progressing to next season. giving u the details so this can be fixed.. great job for years!
    ps i m fully updated till 9.3.2

    1. It crashes in the start of the second season or..? When does it particularly crash? While selecting the national teams? Which national team did you pick?

  11. Online warriors has stopped working and crashes on BAL while playing with Nepal,
    ML crashed as well when I imported the BAL player to it.

  12. Please fix abbreviations of Brazilian teams: Vasco da Gama, Bahia, Atlético Goianiense e Avaí. They are with the abbreviations of the old teams (Figueirense, Santa Cruz, América Mineiro e Red Bull Brasil)

  13. I have Pes cpy version (Smoke patch 9.3/9.3.2) and with online switcher i can't play online. It says ''Error FDN 5332''.

  14. Crash at begin of second season on Master League! Please fix it!

  15. Hey mate. I'd like to thank you for the wonderful patch. I love your work to bits. Unfortunately, I've been experiencing a crash after the end of Season 2 in Master League. I reloaded the Master League using a save slot from match day 35 and replayed the season and it crashed again.
    It is happening when we select 'Proceed to Next Season' just before the World Cup 2018. Please fix this.


  16. Please add Cambodia national team.

  17. please add new kit for Vasco da Gama
    Managers of Brasileirao
    brasileirao ball ( a bola do brasileirao nao coincide e nao da para mudar )
    Bayern BADGE Bundesliga Champions (pleaaaseee)


  18. When the manager is in the 3rd season when playing league, he is throwing away. If you fix it, I'm happy. It is also great if you add the turkish league in progressing updates.
    Thank you.

  19. please make hungarian national team faces: Gera, Dzsudzsák, Szalai etc

  20. What the fuck is this??? Here is Nepal, Vietnam and others but there isn't Montenegro... WTF?



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