Monday, March 27, 2017

PES SMoKE Patch 9.3.3 - Released!!

Hey guys, update 9.3.3 (685 mb) is made for smoke patch 9.3, this update includes the previous update 9.3.1 and 9.3.2 so if you upgrading from 9.3 there is no need for previous updates.

In addition to the changes that came with the previous updates, below are some of the changes in this new update:

Changes in this update:

- Fix trophy system (database)
adding trophies to the patch has made some errors in the game, such as the EPL trophy appearing in almost all games entrance, also it cause some random crashes in FL modes when playing in cups.
this is now fixed.

- Add new teams (edit file - database)
this update we will continue adding more teams, the teams added in this update are:

* National Teams (+12):
Guinea-Bissau - Africa
Togo - Africa
Uganda - Africa
Philippines - Asia
Vietnam - Asia
Pakistan - Asia
Palestine - Asia
India - Asia
Cyprus - Europe
Kazakhstan - Europe
Estonia - Europe
Canada - Americas

* Clubs (+2)
Persepolis FC - Iran
Rangers FC - Scotland

- Review free agents and fake players (edit file - database)
all fake players as free agents are replaced with real players mostly used in the new national teams, we might have missed some minor fake players that will be replaced when discovered.

- Fix Krasnodar bug (edit file - database)
there is a bug with this team that most users did not notice, the bug was that if you transfer any player from or to this team, or edit this team the save file will bug and will not be able to save the changes, thus revert to the previous edits.
this is a database conflict problem that is fixed now.

- Add and fix faces (edit file - database)
as in all previous updates, this one have more real faces, and corrected some bugged faces following the fans reports we gathered over this website and the social media.
232 face added in this update.

- Update kits (database)
added a lot of updated kits in this update, 88 teams have updated kits.

- Add more players (edit file - database)
a lot of new players is added to the patch, most of them are the players in the new national teams and also some players that transferred from unknown or minor teams.

- Add more extra empty cpk files (database)
after requests, the extra cpk file will be 12, although we recommend merging the cpk you add as shown in the tutorials, we will add 4 more extra to the 8 already added in previous versions.

- Add high quality sleeve badges (database)
a high quality sleeve badges is being made by G-style, the work he is making is just amazing and integrated in this update.

- Transfers review (edit file)
A lot of new transfers is made specially in latin american teams as the transfer window is now closed.

- National teams call-ups (edit file)
as usual, smoke patch updates the national call-ups only when there is a big competition, the latest AFCON league had the teams reviewed, however a couple of players might not be included due to the lack of reference.

- Stadiums Names (edit file)
finally, the correct stadium names is now showing in ML and BAL modes, although not all teams is checked if fixed so if any team shows wrong stadium name please report.
small enhancements is done with the stadiums prior to the release of smoke stadiums V2.

- Various fixes and updates (edit file - database)
a lot of other fixes and enhancements done, including updates for flags, coaches and others.


- some teams will show wrong stadium assignment, this is normal because this update is made to be fully compatible with the new stadium pack V2
- all add-on slots will be reset when installing this update.

DOWNLOAD: (685mb)



  1. like the last time i updated the patches, choosing Brazil as homeside in exhibition match will make the selected ball cannot be changed.its fixed. "Nike Ordem 3 CBF"

  2. what about classic team and faces?

  3. Cant edit anything. When I go in to the edit mode it doesnt load. All I see is the blank wallpaper

  4. game works perfectly fine but i have some face problems.
    Please change: bonucci ,diego costa,fabregas,lahm,muller,levandovski,
    ramos,marcelo,modric and james rodriges faces

  5. Please can you add Syrian National Team, And If you can some Syrian clubs. And thank you very much for your work.

  6. This patch is great but some important faces player in Europe Classis team is fake such as : Shearer , P . Schmeichel

  7. Is Esteghlal FC players faces are made?
    Please be built in the next update Ali Ghorbani face



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