Saturday, April 29, 2017

SMoKE Patch 9.4 - Coming Soon!!

Fans and their opinion matters a lot to us. So, with the feedback and suggestions, we are working on a new patch 9.4 which will have a lot of new teams and leagues, and a lot of updates and enhancements, this patch is a full (all in one) version that will include update stadium pack, balls and boots.

The teams in the patch are being reviewed to have correct coaches, attributes, kits and rivalry for all the teams in the patch including the new ones.

The players will no longer be connected to konami live updates, we are applying the SRS stats to the players, starting with the big clubs first.

Transfers will no longer be connected to konami live updates, as it is very slow to update and also inaccurate, we will resume the transfer review as in previous editions.

A lot of database changes is being made, this will result in ID changes, this will make it necessary to start new ML and BL modes, old saves will work of-course but with minor bugs.

Stadium v2 is being updated in this version, corrected stadium assignments to teams, updated and added more spacial ad-boards, system is modified to prioritize stadiums ad-boards over leagues assignments., other enhancements is being made all over the stadiums, the turf switcher from stadiums v2 will work normally for low quality settings.

Major changes

New Leagues in a switcher
New Teams

New players
Stadiums v3
Ball pack v3
Boot pack v3
and many more

More news and details to follow soon!
Keep checking the blog for more stuffs and news along with release and downloads!


  1. Please add Cambodia national team!

  2. Please if you could fix in this patch the problem about the swelling in mine does not appear if you could fix it I would appreciate it

  3. Please ad CONCACAF Champions league and more CONCACAF NATIONAL TEAMS

  4. Please add Thailand and Cambodia national team! Thank you
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