Friday, May 5, 2017

Smoke Mod Pro by Delan Tawana (Graphics)

This add-on made by (Delan Tawana) is an optional add-on that will change the effect in the stadium atmosphere, it is nicely made and changes the environment in the game.

Please note that this is not made by smoke patch, it is compatible with smoke stadiums v2 and should work without any problems.

Below are the notes and information as mentioned by the add-on maker, it is easy to install and easy to uninstall.


- FROST Pitch (Like FIFA 17)
- Fog Looks Like FIFA 17 (11 Sta)
- Real Pitch/3D ade vodkha
- Pitch/3D Turf HD (all stadium)
- Confetti the pitch (3 Stadium)
- New Camp Nou texture
- New lighting to Menu
- New Crowd

Credits and thanks:
- Delan Taqana
- Ade Vodkha
- Abid Nabawi
- Mohammed Saeed
- Ali Nabil
- Pribowo Subekti‎‏

This mod is tested and compatible with smoke stadiums v2, might not work properly with older versions.

- extract (SMK_Extra13.cpk) and (SMK_Extra14.cpk) from the rar archive
- copy and replace the file both files to the game download folder
just replace the old file with new, nothing else required.

- To remove just replace the empty cpk included in uninstall folder
- This mode is tested with patch version 9.3.3 with stadiums v2
- It is possible to use other empty cpk number (1-16)





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