Monday, May 22, 2017

SMoKE Patch v9.4 - Release Date Confirmed!!

The final stages of development of SMoKE Patch v9.4 is going on and it already looks like a complete version packing a lot of features as previously announced and mentioned. It is going to be tested a lot on both steam and C P Y version especially focusing the FL modes which had some bugs for second season.

The change log is a bit brief but includes the features in upcoming patch. It will be detailed during the release of the patch itself.

Release Date: 31st May, 2017

Below are some details, change log and notes provided by Dido_SMoKE for this upcoming patch.

Change log:

- fixed konami bug with master league game plan
- added 90 new teams
- added smoke league switcher
- revised stats for major clubs
- added a lot of new players
- update balls (balls v3)
- updated stadiums (stadiums v3)
- updated logos and emblems
- added a lot of new ad-boards
- all leagues have correct ad-boards
- all teams have correct manager
- correct stadium assignment
- added a lot of new faces (~3000 overall)
- fixed extra cpk files (9-16)
- fixed potential bug in world cup
- fixed potential bug with flamengo and fluminense
- updated a lot of teams
- a lot of fixes and enhancements


- Some reported loading hang with master league after installing the (smoke MOD Pro by Delan Taqana), it is recommended that you do not install it until its updated and tested with the new patch.
- Old master league and legend modes will work, but it is highly recommended to start new one after installing the new patch to benefit all the new features and stability.
- We make the patch to be used as it is, please do not ask us how to change things, patching over the patch is at your own risk, so be sure you know what you are doing, to help with that we are preparing a new database sister site for smoke database, it is still in progress.
- There are 20 teams in MLS options, another two MLS teams are available but cannot make 22 teams in MLS so you can edit the league and change which 20 teams you want in MLS.



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