Thursday, June 29, 2017

African Clubs Option

Hey guys,
With the release of update 9.4.1, another version of the patch is imminent and on the cards. As the transfer windows rounds up, a new version will be released with some cool new additions which you guys have requested for. Below are the details provided by Dido_SMoKE about the addition of eight new African clubs available in the selector! 

We explained many times the reason why we didn't add any African clubs to the patch, the main reason is that there is no African league system in pes 2017, so there is no place to put African clubs in and it would be incorrect to add to another continent, also we did not consider adding leagues from Africa for the same reason and also because we don't find many downloads from African location, and we do follow our downloads location analytics.

Since we noticed a considerable changes in that regards, we are planning to add a new option in the league installer to include 8 African clubs to (Other Asian Teams), this is only an option that you can select in the switcher and not applied to other options because it is unreal to have African clubs in Asia and these clubs will participate in Asian regional competition.

Soon we will make polls for the fans to decide the clubs to add, the plan is to add two clubs from (Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria), the poll will show 4 biggest teams in each country and the highest two clubs will be made in the patch.

Smoke patch have the highest number of clubs added to the game, but we are almost at the limits, thus we cannot add any further leagues as the game will not handle that number.

Download the patch only from smoke website official links, the number or users we find in our analytics will affect our decisions for clubs and leagues in future versions of the game.

In addition to the African clubs, we are planning to add another classic team that will have retired players and missing classic players in it.

For polls check this website and vote! Polls are at the end of the webpage. Your votes are highly valued and will help to make SMoKE Patch even better!


  1. i think the South african league is the biggest and most profitable in Africa and I have to say that south Africa have probably the best stadiums too. Im am not South African but Namibia and I mostly just follow European football. I just feel like you shoul include some of South African teams too. You mentioned that there is not a lot of downloads from Africa, but I have been SmOKE patch fan since 2010, please i just want to say keep up the good works guys! Hats off to you guys that make it possible for us to have this patch, which for me is the best PES path ever.

  2. Why not do like with the other European teams option you could have African teams and the africa champions league tournament



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