Friday, July 14, 2017

PES SMoKE Patch update 9.4.2 for 9.4 (coming soon)

The update 9.4.2 is at its final stages, and is expected to be released next week, this update works on version 9.4 or 9.4.1, the size of the 9.4.2 is big, almost 1.2 GB due to the big number of new real faces added (see details below), after this update we will be releasing smaller updates mainly to apply more transfers as they happen.
Please keep checking the main website for quickest updates and download links by clicking here.

Main changes:

this update have more than 550 new faces added to players from all around the world, this is the main reason for the big size of this update.
special thanks to (piero del) for providing CSL facepack.

New teams:
a new option in the league switcher will contain 8 new African clubs that will be added to Asia, as we explained there is no African league system to put African clubs, so it was decided after some polls to have them participating in the continent of Asia. if this option is not selected, the teams cannot be selected.
a new classic team is also added containing the star players who recently retired, a retirees team.

Newly added teams tactics:
after a lot of effort, all the teams are now working properly, the bug that happens when playing against the computer where players gather together is now fixed for all teams.

thousands of transfers has been done all over the world, we will keep updating transfers until the update is packed, and we will continue the transfers and include as usual in weekly updates. these updates will be smaller in size but will need this 9.4.2 to install.

Crash in league/cup final:
reports of a loading game bug when winning a league game or a final game, this is now fixed, fixing this might show lower definition sleeve badges as a cost.

we created kits for the promoted teams, if we missed any then we will include later, also we will continue updating and making new kits for the new season.

as usual, there are always things to make better, we try to update, enhance and fix the patch to have the game as good as it could be.

this update is expect to be released approximately next week.


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