Wednesday, October 4, 2017

PES 18 SMoKE Patch X - Coming Soon!

PES 2018 SMoKE Patch X (version 10.0) is underway, the initial assessment of the game is all good, worthy of good reviews in our opinion, the first version (10.0) will be minimal and small, and will be released fast, there is a lot of unresolved issues that is yet to be figured out, but the first version will correct the essentials, and will give the game the real touch it surly deserve to compensate for the lack of licences.

All teams have correct names and correct logo, except of course the fake teams that will be replaced with real ones in the near future, the real clubs will be licenced as in previous patches, all teams will have correct call names if found, stadium names will be correct, and all teams will have correct squads according to the latest live update, the system files will be ready to add new teams and new national teams.

All players have correct names, removed all duplicated players and players with fake IDs, players with fake names in some national teams are corrected and assigned with the real ID. no change in the stats as the patch will use konami stats.

All competitions and league will have correct emblems, the domestic leagues will have correct order, some league like Argentina premier league will get correct teams. the system files will be ready to add more teams so sometime in the near future we will create more and more options to replace the fake league in the three continents as in smoke patch 9 series.

Unresolved issues:
This year pes 2018 have a lot of changes in the system files that impacted aspects such as kits, faces, boots and other things, so you will find teams with default kits in the first version but we will complete all issues once we figure out how to bypass this issue.

Issues to resolve:
- kits
- real faces
- boots
- balls
- stadiums

Release date:
The first edition will be released soon, probably not more than a week after this announcement.


  1. I can not find a link to download. Can you write me in response?

    1. It is under development. It will be available very soon!

  2. Does it will work on low end pc
    Just like your Pes 17 smoke edition?



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