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PES 2017 SMoKE Patch 9.5 AIO - Released!! (with fix)

Hey guys,
This is the full edition of smoke patch 9.5, this version is the last full patch for pes 2017, we will keep updating it but with less frequency depending on PES 2017 users.

A lot of updates in this version, mainly updating squads, teams and players, a lot of reviews in that regard, made some national call-ups for a lot of national teams,  and this version have an updated boot pack with 12 new boots.

Check below for features and download links! DO NOT RE-UPLOAD AND PLEASE USE THE LINKS BELOW TO SUPPORT US!

Main changes from previous version:

- updated squads
- updated national teams
- updated leagues
- added playeres
- revised stats
- fixed transfers
- updated more kits
- updated boots
- optimized files

General Features:

The new league switcher contains a variety of choices that you can choose from, all the teams will be available regardless of the leagues you choose, there is also an option to remove completely MLS teams from Latin america continent.

As in the previous versions, all the leagues have correct names and logos, it is worth mentioning that it is not possible to change the league structure without bugging the game.

The 10 options in the league switcher are:
- Germany - Colombia - China
- Germany - Colombia - China (African clubs in Asia)
- Germany - Colombia - China(without MLS teams)
- Turkey - Colombia - China
- Russia - Colombia - China
- Germany - Colombia - Japan
- Germany - USA - Japan
- Germany - USA - China
- Germany - Mexico - China
- Turkey - USA - Japan
- Russia - Mexico - Japan

This edition have 640 total teams (game comes with 540), all teams and national teams can be used normally in FL modes.
Teams have correct logos, kits, squads, manager, stadium name and fans color.

As you might imagine, adding such a big number of teams will result in adding a huge number of new players, all players created have correct attributes, there might be some minor errors since there are more than 4000 new players added.

The number of players in the patch is more than 13.000 player, around 3700 of them have real faces in this version, note that we do not create the faces, we only re-texture and re-assign, to see the face maker you can check pes-stars website.

As the original game have fake teams and players, and incorrect names due to the lack of licencing, this also resulted in duplicated players, the patch removes and replaces all fake and duplicated players with real life players.

This version includes an updated stadium pack v3, the stadiums in the patch are 40 unique models, converted from previous PES and smoke versions, we included a verity of locations for the stadiums, with high quality texture and fans, and HD skies for all stadiums.

The stadiums have a lot of special ad-boards, all leagues new and old have correct ad-boards, with a lot of the major teams have their own special ad-boards.

We have created HD turfs for the stadiums for optimal quality and game-play, we are aware that some find it bright or saturated, some find it dark, it is a matter of taste, our only goal is to have them as real as possible, you can always change the luminosity of your screen if you have other preference.

LOW QUALITY setting users will not benefit the full potential of the game graphics due to a limited system power, the HD turfs will show a flat green color at night, we made a special turfs similar to konami turf that is compatible with low quality settings, can be downloaded and installed separably from addons.

All teams in the game have correct stadium names, but as you surly know there is a bug that shows default name for teams without original stadium model in FL modes, we still cant find a solution for this so far.

This version uses smoke boot pack v3, with 12 new boots updated,

New boots:

adidas messi nemeziz
adidas Ace 17 Primeknit
adidas Ace 17 Purecontrol
nike mercurial superfly CR7
nike Vapor XI Neymar
nike tiempo 7
nike hypervenom Phantom III
puma EvoPower Vigor rose
puma EvoPower Vigor red
mizuno Rebula
umbro UX Accuro
umder Armour Cluchfit

The patch adds more real balls to the game, including a couple of fantasy balls, a lot of other things also added such as referees kits and faces, a lot of real goalkeeper gloves and many other stuff that will make the game better and better.
Smoke patch uses only konami game-play, we never change or edit or modify the exe in anyway, as we believe that konami did a fine job with that.


- Extract patch files 
download all parts and be sure all are completed, extract only part one the rest will be extracted automatically, don't move any of the installation files or folders.

- Run Setup v95.exe
run the installer and choose PES installation folder, the patch must be installed in the same game folder, be sure you don't get errors and that the installer finished successfully.


- always check and install the latest smoke update when available.

- do not use old edit00000 files (using older or other edit files might bug the game)
- do not generate dpfilelist (use smoke extra cpk instead to add things)
- This version is made to focus on offline modes, online feature will not find opponents due the the difference between the patch system files and the original game.


Installer (FULL 9.5.0):
* all mirrors contain the same file parts (you can download parts from different mirrors)
* patch uncompressed on disk size (after install): 11.4 GB
* patch compressed size: 6.2 GB

Select the best mirror for you, files can be downloaded from both mirrors and mixed. Note that every part is downloaded and kept in the same folder during extraction.


Mediafire                      Mega


Mediafire                      Mega


Mediafire                      Mega


Mediafire                      Mega


Mediafire                      Mega


Mediafire                      Mega


Mediafire                      Mega


Mediafire                      Mega


Mediafire                      Mega


Mediafire                      Mega


Mediafire                     Mega


Mediafire                      Mega


- download (012_smkdb_up1.cpk)
- copy and replace the file located in the download folder of the game (Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\download)

Mediafire                      Mega


  1. Thank you to all of you guys at smoke that make this amazing patch possible. You are one of my favourites people on earth and gaming universe. As I only touch PES, you guys have been making it a pleasant experience over the years, ever since I started playing PES in 2010, I'll honour you and I'll take my hat off for you guys.

    1. Thanks for the continued support as always! And, of course, hope to continue for PES 18 and so on!

  2. Vcs são de mas,um ótimo trabalho que proporciona em uma diversão nos meus finais de semana sou fã de vocês um abraço.

    1. Muito obrigado pelo seu apoio! Felicidades!

  3. do I need to uninstall the previous patch..9.4.6?

  4. I have this problem of the game always ending when Am moving into a season after the previous one and i dnt know why? Any help

  5. do i need to install this patch on clean pes 2017 games or just install it with 9.4.6

  6. Great work but am getting a lot of errors when trying to play the Asian Champions League during the CSL season. The game defaults a 3-0 to my team as it says the
    opponents do not have the minimum number of players. The min. is 18 and all teams either Chinese, Japanese or otherwise have at least this. This is okay in the group
    stages but the game hangs or crashes during the knockout last 16 stage. Very annoying. If I play the ACL as a a stand-alone competition with any Asian team, there is
    no problem.

    Can anyone help?

  7. Hi guys, thanks for the great work. Just wondering, do you have a link for part 10 on mediafire? Both of part 10 link to Mega.

    Thanks :)



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