Saturday, October 28, 2017

PES 2018 and PES 2017 Plans

Hey guys,
An improved game needs a improved patch. With that in mind, SMoKE Patch X series developed by dido_smoke will provide that.
We continue to make patch more complete with updates in future. Also, we received feedback that many of our fans would also love to see some updates for PES 17.Note that the updates would not be frequent but will come! Check the details provided by dido_smoke.

PES 2018 smoke patch X.1.1:

     In a couple of days, the new patch 10.1.1 for pes 2018 will be released, main changes are the addition of full bundesliga with all teams and players and relevant files included.
     A bug with some teams formation is addressed and fixed, another problem with the dlc boots that wasn’t showing when selected is fixed and shows correctly, other enhancements is done.
     About faces, as we mentioned before we do not create faces, we add from pes-stars faces so until the face makers figure out how to convert or create faces the patch will include only KONAMI faces.

PES 2017 updates:

     Smoke patch will keep updating PES 2017 series, but not as frequent as before due the priority being diverted to smoke patch x series.
     We are planning a small update soon to fix a problem with the balls, and other small issues to enhance the patch. the kits fix that was released after the patch 9.5 will be included in the update along with some other kits fixes.

Besides that, what additions would you love to see in PES 18? Mention them at the comments below!


  1. Yo en esta actualización te pido los kits nuevos de RIVER si puede ser para empezar un liga máster

  2. Please add additional stadia to the stadium pack(PES 17) at least for all the clubs in the major leagues of Europe (EPL, LA LIGA, LIGUE 1, SERIE A etc) to make a new stadium pack add-on for PES 18
    Keep up with your good JOB !!!



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