Sunday, November 19, 2017

Announcement - Master league crash in pes 2017

This issue always comes up specially with new users of smoke patch, in short, we test the patch for seven consucitive seasons without any crash at all, so we don’t find any problems to fix.

Most cases are the result of a bad game copy, so we always advise to use steam game or at least a good copy like skidrowreloaded. Some cases the crash was caused by not following to guidelines of the patch like replacing the patch files (edit file or dpfilelist), other cases were the result of adding incompatible addons from other makers, such cases cannot be controlled or fixed. We only test the patch with smoke files.

An important issue to mention is that once the master league is defected due to the reasons mentioned above, the master league cannot be fixed even if you fixed the cause, because the save will still carry the problem in it.

If you have a crash in master league then do the following:

- Get better game copy (preferably original)
- install smoke patch and latest update from smoke patch website
- start new master league

Good luck


  1. this problem only occured with the new version of the Patch I played 7 consecutive seasons on the last version and nothing happened

  2. the original face of several players are removed (become fake face)....etc. criscito, please fix...many thanks

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  4. i have original copy(steam) but, it crash in 1 Aug 2017 every time



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