Friday, January 12, 2018

Announcement - patch X for pes 2017

Hello all,

As we mentioned before, the patch series 9 for pes 2017 will not be updated anymore, instead, we are making a new patch based on smoke patch x for pes 2018 along with files from the latest patch 9.5.

to see the teams in this patch check the features of the patch X15, the patch X for pes 2017 will be updated regularly with pes 2018, because we have managed to link both versions with the same database.

patch X for pes 2017 will have d features than 2018, some of them are:

- Faces
smoke patch 2017 have a lot of faces added to the game, almost all of them will be used in this version, but it is important to mention that the players ID are not similar to the previous version, we will prepare the new ID lists and upload it, will be available at

- Teams
teams in this version are less than what we added in previous version, every team we add in pes 2018 patch will be added in updates for patch 2017

- Leagues
the league switcher will not be available for this version yet, will be available when its done for 2018, the default leagues are (PEU: Bundesliga, PAS: CSL, PLA: Liga Aguila)

- Stadiums
the same stadiums will be available in this version, no changes in this regards, it is worth mentioning that the stadiums names are all set for all clubs and will show correctly in ML.

- Balls and Boots
no updates in our balls and boots packs, if you really need updated boots you can install from other boot makers by replacing one of the extra cpk files included in the patch.

- Addons
some of the addons will not work on this version, but the turf switcher (for low quality settings) and the scoreboard switcher will still work, although it will be updated when we make addons for pes 2018.

- Updates
this version will be updated simultaneously with patch 2018, since the database is shared between the two versions any updates or changes in this regards will be applied to both games.



  1. Is release date planned after winter transfer (i guess)?



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