Monday, February 19, 2018

PES 2018 Smoke patch X17 - Announcements!

Smoke patch version 10.7.1 is in progress, it was planned to be released near the end of February, but since KONAMI released a new DLC, the patch will be out earlier, specially because PES auto update the files and the patch will no longer work properly with steam.

Expected changes: 
started adding real faces (ribery, tah, vallejo, coman, sule, ...)
added DP3
added two classic teams
added two national team
corrected some transfers
corrected some bugs
and others

Converting faces from pes 2017 is very hard due to the system change in pes 2018, but we are adding real faces to pes 2018 starting with most famous players.

Data pack 3.0
The new KONAMI DP3 will be included in the patch, bringing new kits, faces and other updates.

New Teams:
We have continued adding more teams, but since DP3 came we will add only two new classic teams and two international teams in X17, we will make more new teams and include in future versions.

Fixes and corrections:
A lot of small enhancements or bug fixes were made in the patch, most of the fixes came from reports we had received.


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