Sunday, February 4, 2018

Smoke patch X16 and smoke patch 9.6X - Announcements!


So the winter transfers window is about to close, smoke patch for both versions (pes 2017 and 2018) will be released soon after the transfers finishes.

PES 2018 Smoke patch X16:
This will also be a full (AIO) release, although we might release updates only (not AIO) after this release to correct any missing transfers or other enhancements to the patch,

PES 2017 Smoke patch 9.6X:
This version is a new one, after dropping the old patch (9.5), we are preparing the release of the new patch which share the database of patch X16, this version will be updated regularly.

As mentioned before, this version share the database with pes 2018 (players, stats, leagues, teams, ...) but it also includes the stadiums, faces, balls and boots of the previous patch 9.5

The new patch is tested successfully in many aspects, but it is expected that some things might need tweaking or enhancements when discovered, so do not hesitate to report any errors you might find in the patch so we can improve it.

~Dido Smoke


  1. Can we also get South African Teams if that's not asking too much guys...please and stadiums as well!!!



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