PES SMoKE Patch series is a Modding series on a soccer game by KONAMI. Since KONAMI doesn't have licensing, original names, kits and competitions, the game is incomplete. So, for the completion of that part, SMoKE has been making patches.
This patching was done by Fadi Alkam(dido_smoke) from 2009 - 2013, but he is unable to continue this work and then a few of his fans thought of continuing this series. The new group (named themselves as SMoKE Team) with direct help and assistance from dido_smoke have started to make new patch for 2014 and on. The patching would have never been successful without our beloved fans, the tweaks and tools made by other respectful people.The patch has been continued by dido_smoke from 2016 with the incredible fan support.
Special Thanks to and other mod developers for their help.
Thanks to dido_smoke (Fadi Alkam) for his help and support.
Special thanks to all the SMoKE patch fans all over the world!
© SMOKE Patch 2009-2018
© SMoKE Team 2018
     2017 and 2018 series : Both series has been  made by dido_smoke along with the add-ons.
CREDITS FOR 2016 series :
This series has been made by dido_smoke along with the add-ons.
External files:
Faces: (more than 1200 faces)
~ 500 faces from pes-patch website (credits to various makers)
~ 500 faces from pes-stars website (credits to various makers)
~ 200 faces from VirtuaRED patch (we will replace in future versions)
Kits: 50% of the kits are genuine smoke files
         50% from various makers and patch fans
Stadiums: based on Estarlen silva stadium pack
Balls: based on cRoNoS ball pack
Boots: WENS
Executable: Konami, Reloaded and Revolt
Credits for Platinum Series:
This series has been made by Ayush Devkota (integration and compilation)
External Files:
Secun1972 for chants
Estarlen Silva for stadium
Hicksville ,db89 and Majuh for adboards
Cronos for badges
Azis99 for graphics
sxsxsx for tools
Jenkey1002 for tools
Facemakers : Tunizizou, CgM2k7, Kairzhanov, Hawke.
danyy77 for balls
Ron69 for boots
and other people for their precious works!!
All rights belongs to KONAMI.
SMoKE Team is not using any pirated software and neither encourage anyone to use. SMoKE patch is made for non-profit and entertainment purposes and enhancement of one's Game-play. SMoKE Team is not responsible for any damage caused by the patch to the hardware/software after the installation.
© SMoKE Patch 2009-2018
© Smoke Team 2014-2018


Copyright @ 2017 Smoke Patch.

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